Cane Creek’s Double Barrel Inline Shocks

One of the hottest new products on the market today is Cane Creek’s Double Barrel Inline shock. After years of success with their Double Barrel shock, Cane Creek have released a version which will fit into smaller trail frames while maintaining the legendary tunability of its predecessor.

Togoparts is at Eurobike to have a look at Cane Creek’ new Double Barrel Inline shock. The idea behind the Inline was to take all the great tunability and adjustability riders have been raving about in the Double Barrel and transfer it into a compact chassis, which will fit in a trail or enduro frame. The Double Barrel and Double Barrel Air are big shocks you see, weighing in  at 509g for the lighter air version and with a piggy back reservoir, the sheer size of the shock means it is only viable for big hitting frames. Given the abundance of smaller trail frames running ever increasing travel at the moment, the opportunity for Cane Creek was obviously there. Riders are simply expecting more performance from their gear and this is where the Double Barrel Inline comes in.

The Double Barrel Inline initially does away with the external reservoir and packages the mechanism in a lighter, sleeker design. Four way adjustment is independent  allowing the rider to tune on the trail what would require a complete rebuild by suspension experts with other shocks. The relatively new Climb Switch technology has also made it to the Inline and Cane Creek is adamant it is not merely a lockout. The switch adjusts low speed compression and low speed rebound damping simultaneously to allow your suspension to continue to function properly on technical climbs, unlike some other shock’s design which simply beefs up the compression damping, firming up the rear end.

The Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline is hand made in the US and available in 165x38, 184x44, 190x50, 200x50, 200x57 and 216x63 sizes. It weighs in at 295g without hardware.

Cane Creek is distributed by Hup Leong Company , Tel 65323700.