Introduction: Protection, Style & Fit

Sunglasses have become an integral part of a cyclist’s safety attire, keeping our eyes safe from the harmful glare of the sun. They also have the added benefit of upping the cool quotient. Imagine this, riding a fancy aero bike with a sharp looking pair of shades, looking every inch a pro…


Wearing sunglasses protects the cyclist’s eyes from glaring ultra-violet rays when riding in the day and all the more essential for those spending long hours in the saddle as it helps reduces eye fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Next, wearing a good pair of sunglasses also helps to protect the cyclist’s eyes from any debris, dust or particles on the road.

Style & Fit

Since riding takes place at a certain speed, the best type of frame is going to be a wrapped around style. To offer proper ventilation for this style, the frame must have “air holes” or channels at the top of the frame to prevent fogging. Rudy Project has wrap around styling, air holes and interchangeable lenses, and some styles are available with a prescription insert or Direct in lenses and photochromatic lenses.

Cycling specific models as used by sponsored riders such as Peter Sagan and Ivan Basso of the Liquigas Cannondale team include the Genetyk and Noyz models respectively (see photos below).

Peter Sagan with his Genetyk Racing Pro sunglasses

Ivan Basso on the drops in wearing the Noyz Racing Pro sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses and Conclusion

Prescription sunglasses

For the cyclist who abhors the thought of stabbing contact lenses into his eyes, the next best alternative would be to use prescriptive sunglasses. Rudy Project’s dedicated RX line of sports prescription glasses offer a wide range of frame and lens options. Specifically, the RX Direct Clip base 8 support has been designed to cover a large range of visual defects without affecting the ergonomic fit. The Nylor mounting makes all types and cuts of lenses available to correct a wide range of visual defects and adapt their shape to the face of the cyclist.

An example of the RX Direct Clip system by Rudy Project


Having the right eye protection is essential for cyclists not only from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun but also from road debris and other elements. Brands like Rudy Project offers a comprehensive range of sunglasses to styles and demands of different cyclists, from cycling-specific models such as the Noyz and Genetyk as used by professional riders to RX models with interchangeable, prescriptive and even photochromic lens of various colors. It is not just about looking good while riding; it is also about feeling good and comfortable especially during longer rides. Most importantly, having the appropriate eye protection ensures safety for the cyclist, especially for long rides in the sun.