Actionbods Singapore and Ridley Bicycle Belgium – The Official Sponsors for the Malaysian Track Endurance Team

Last March 2014, Actionbods Singapore in conjunction with Ridley Bicycles from Belgium had announced an agreement with the Malaysian National Cycling Federation.

Caption: The Malaysian Track Endurance Team posing with the Ridley Bicycle at the event.
Photo Credits: Actionbods Pte Ltd

Singapore’s Actionbods together with Ridley Bicycles have agreed to provide The Malaysian Track Endurance team to set a competitive edge. They were equipped with the necessities to assist with enhanced routines and performances in track endurance events, throughout Asia and the World track cycling arena.

Caption: Ridley Bicycle with the Arena Carbon frame spots a patented F-Splitfork/ F-Surface for best-in-class aerodynamic performance.

Upon this agreement and conglomeration, the Malaysian Cycling team will now be riding the New Ridley bicycles, to prepare for the upcoming 2014 Commonwealth and Asian Games. They will be preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and the Olympic Games 2020 in Japan.

The Malaysian Cycling team of track endurance riders have aimed to meet the requirements and targets to compete in the Rio Olympic Games Omnium competition and the Men’s Team Pursuit event taking place in Japan Olympic Games 2020.

Caption: The Malaysian National Tiger themed Ridley Bicycle on the Feedbacksports A-Frame Portable Event Storage Stand.
Photo Credits: Actionbods Pte Ltd

Caption: A closer-look at the frame of the Ridley’s Fenix model
Photo Credits: Actionbods Pte Ltd

The endurance team riders will be using bicycles from Ridley that are designed for track and road racing. This includes the Fenix and Arena models. Exclusively sprayed, the bicycles will be in colour of bright orange and black, which resembles the Malaysian National Tiger.

In addition to the news, selected Malaysian Elite riders with great potential will also be selected and given the opportunity for sponsorships to undergo intensive trainings with the Ridley team in Belgium.
The Malaysia Cycling Federation hopes this partnership can give extra exposure for Malaysian Cyclists for competitions that were offered in Europe.

Caption: Team members scheduled for the NSC program as followed:
Team Members: Adiq, Harrif, Amir, Humdan, Nabil, Maq, Farid, Elle, Irwandie, Kocec, Jupha.
Coaches:  Zam and Akmal, Azian, Zam
Photo Credits: Actionbods Pte Ltd

Separately, the Malaysia U-23 Junior Development program will also allow its young riders to use Ridley bicycles for their competitions and training.