2016 Cyclist’s Choice Awards – Special Mention

“With 19 years behind Mr Richard, you can expect nothing less than a clean job from him.”

Here at Togoparts, we are giving a special mention shoutout at 7Cycle Workshop for their works.

Got an old bike in need of attention? Got a new bike still in a box? Got an upcoming race? Got some new parts and blings? These are the things where experience really matters. With just some slight diagnostics, he is able to tell what’s needed to be done and also what’s best for every situation. Just sit back, relax and wait for him to work his magic on your precious.

Located near Sembawang driving centre at woodlands Auto Hub lies a shop where you can pamper your bike with a veteran at hand. 7 Cycle Workshop.

Catering towards cyclist from all walks of life, young, old, experienced or  inexperienced.

At 7 cycle workshop services such as servicing of bikes, upgrades of new/old bikes,  race check, safety check and part installation they got it all covered. Basically a one  stop solution for your bike needs. Even though being a bicycle shop, 7 cycle  workshop does provide some minor E-bike repairs too.

Any avid cyclist would love their very own bike to bits due to it being their pride and  joy. Hence, holding such a place in our heart, we would surely want someone who  has lots of experience in this industry to get our bike needs fixed. With 19 years  behind Mr Richard, you can expect nothing less than a clean job from him.

Thinking of anything precious that needs to be fixed, we think of some experienced.  This is where the story of Mr Richard in this industry begin.

Knowing your bicycle compoents for assmebly

With a humble start, Mr Richard came into this industry 19 years ago just solely based on interest and passion was indeed a bold move by him. Coming into this industry and finding out it wasn’t as easy as he thought didn’t stop him in his tracks. In fact it pushed him even further to be one of the best veteran here. Through perseverance and the will to learn, he managed to learn all things about bikes! Be it wheel build, tuning gears or full servicing of a bike top to bottom, Mr Richard will get it all covered for you. There are just some things that money can’t buy and that is experience. With 19 years of experience behind his hands, you can rest assure that your bike is in more than just a pair of good hands.

Staying relevant in this industry where development is everlasting is no easy feat. However, Mr Richard has kept up well to even fix bikes with all the new electronic integrated systems. As technologies get launched every year, he still kept up well with what’s in and what’s not.

Mr Richard at work

At 7 Cycle Workshop, indeed you can satisfy all your bike needs. However, such an awesome will be busy most of the time hence please make a call to enquire an appointment before dropping by.


7 Cycle Workshop
180 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, 01-14B, Woodlands Auto Hub, Singapore 757512

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