5 Shopping Centres You Can Ride To

IVAN HOW | 21st Jun 2015 | FEATURES

The Malls Cyclists Love

First of all, you might be interested to know that most malls in Singapore have no explicit rules against the parking of bicycles in basement carparks.

Just find a good spot to lock your bike to, don’t obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic, and be careful when sharing space with larger vehicles. A bicycle and a 4000-pound car are not equals.

That said, there are a couple of malls and shopping areas in Singapore that are especially pedal-friendly, either by design or accident.

Find a good spot to lock your bike to, don’t be obstructive to others, and be careful when sharing space with larger vehicles.

1. [email protected]

One of those ‘by-design’ bike friendly malls is Velocity. A mall named “Velocity” wouldn’t be complete without some wheels, and complete it sure is. [email protected] boasts 10 bicycle racks on the first floor, which is plenty when you consider that the vast majority of Singaporean shoppers prefer driving to malls. Best of all, you are actually allowed to bring your bike inside the mall itself!

And then, if you’re the adrenaline-seeking type of cyclist, Velocity also hosts extreme cycling events like “Velocity Wheels to Thrill” and “Red Bull Downmall Challenge”, making this simply the best-bike-friendly mall in Singapore. Reward the retailers who have made a wise choice in choosing this mall as the place to woo your dollars.

3. Kallang Wave Mall @ Singapore Sports Hub

Cycling is a sport, obviously, so is it really any wonder that Singapore Sports Hub is a hub for cycling? The main feature of this mall that makes it cyclist nirvana is Shimano Cycling World, a 650 square meter exhibition that showcases everything cycling rated. This family-friendly exhibition, located in the Sports Hub and Sports Museum Complex nearby, will delight cycling enthusiasts and newbies alike with its interactive exhibits.

The result of a collaboration between Shimano and the Singapore government, Shimano cycling world is a huge nod of recognition to cycling as a viable mode of transport, as well as a recreational activity. Now, if only the government would start building bicycle lanes… As a cyclist, this place was built for you, and you owe it to yourself to check it out. And did I mention that admission is free?

You can park at the bicycles racks available at both Exits A and B of Stadium MRT Station, and Singapore Sports Hub say they are planning to implement more strategic bicycle racks in locations that cater to the needs of cyclists.

The Big Nine XT-Edition retails for $1792.

Big Nine XT

A powerhouse for those who demand uncompromised performance and reliability, the Big Nine XT is the platinum class in the Big Nine series.

With a nano matrix carbon-fibre frame as its centrepiece, the Big Nine XT needs no further upgrading.  Apart from being fitted with a Shimano XT gearing system that delivers precise shifting, the bike comes with a FOX 32 FLOAT Performance fork, which performs sweetly in every imaginable terrain.

Because of its racing form, the Big Nine XT doesn’t just accept any rider.  With its 29-inch wheels, tall stand-over, short top-tube and a steep head angle of 70 degrees (for 15- and 17-inch frames), amateur mountain bikers will find it hard to control the bike, especially on steep technical descents.  This bike is ultimately made for the experienced riders.

Installed with the 2016 Shimano M506 hydraulic disc braking system, the Big Nine XT stops as efficiently as it pedals.  The M506, which comes with two-finger ergonomic brake levers, is known to provide consistent, reliable and modulated braking.

The Big Nine XT tipped the weighing scales at an astounding 11.10 kilograms.

4. Tampines Mall @ Tampines New Town

Not just the mall, but what the whole of Tampines town has to offer. While Singapore may never reach Amsterdam levels of bicycle friendliness, we do have some places that are more bike oriented than others. Enter Tampines – the closest thing our country has to a cycling town.

Tampines is the first town in Singapore to complete construction of its own network of intra-town cycling paths that will connect it to other towns like Pasir Ris, Sembawang, and Yishun. The layout of the paths is designed to grant cyclists easy access to public transport and key amenities like neighbourhood centres, schools, and, since this article is all about shopping and consumerism, markets and malls.

For recreational cyclists who just want to pedal till their legs ache, you’ll find more than enough pavement in this cycling town.

5. Golden Mile Complex

Thinking of cycling down to Golden Mile Complex at Beach Road to visit some Thai restaurants and shops? Perish the thought. This entree goes against the flow of the last 4, and is our nominee for being the most ‘bike-unfriendly’. The owners of this establishment have banned parking of bicycles within the property of the complex, threatening offenders with a fee of $50 to remove wheel clamps. Who bans bicycles, honestly? Not cool, GMC.

Not that they are the only malls that do so, of course. For every mall we mentioned above, we’ve been chased away from a multitude of others by over-zealous security guards.

Until there’s a financial incentive to improve bike-parking amenities, the majority of malls in Singapore are likely to continue this stance. This further taints Singapore’s bad reputation as a bike-unfriendly city – but luckily with cyclist-oriented malls like the above, maybe there’s still hope yet!