3. Mobot Knight Pro – futuristic e-mobility

The Knight Pro is perhaps the world’s first automatic folding electric scooter.

The Mobot Knight is perhaps the most curious model out of the 3 scooters – shaped like a letter K or a somewhat-pyramid, depending on your imagination. Its design is the incorporation of a symmetry of rigid lines not unlike the cutting of diamonds – resulting in its angular bold countenance. Riders of Knight Pro, do be aware this futuristic E-scooter is not for the faint-hearted. It’s perhaps the world’s first automatic folding fashion scooter to turn heads in the market; every function about it is nothing short of savvy technology: world’s first “automatic folding”, Bluetooth Speaker, USB charging output, speed cruise, three gears speed settings, to name a few aspects of this cool bike. Diamond-shaped LED front and back lighting complete the look.

Watch the promo video here.

Automatic Folding 

2 buttons located left bottom of seat starts the folding/unfolding process

First, the automatic folding. Mobot Knight Pro unfolds and stores itself by that simple touch of a button located on the bottom left of its retractable saddle. Two buttons, actually – one for folding and one, unfolding. This is Mobot’s first execution in its promise of futuristic e-mobility. In the folding process, the handle retracts, the seat folds in and the whole bike becomes a two-pronged rod-like thing you can store in a corner of your room. Press the other button to unfold and tada! It morphs back into a scooter!