Merida Cyclo Cross & Crossway 2015

Merida is a major bike manufacturer and currently the world’s number 2; their bikes are made in Taiwan but designed in Germany.  Merida’s newest range of cross over bikes is the Crossway and Cyclo Cross models.  These bikes fall in between the categories at both extreme ends, the Road bike and Mountain bike categories, and as their name suggests, they are very much a cross between those two very different bike categories.  The Crossways are mostly like off road mountain bikes but they have lightweight road bikes frames and geometries, and also fitted with flat typed handlebars, front suspension forks and slightly wider 700c tyres.  These bikes are suited more for relaxed city riding and urban use, perfectly suited to our local Park Connector Networks which are all hard surfaces, rather than for going off road onto mountain bike trails, though it’s still very much capable of handling light gravel or dirt paths without much problems.

The higher spec-ed and racier Cyclo Cross model feature frames that are hydraulically formed using Merida’s very own Hydro Forming System to shape the lightweight ProLite 66 Triple Butted Aluminum tubing, similar to those that can be found on the Scultura road bikes.  These are top grade high strength 6066 aluminum alloy tubes which are all welded together with smooth welds which improve the frame’s look.  Internal cabling is also a great feature as the absence of cables around the frame makes the bike very easy to clean and upkeep, especially after riding over some mud or dirt.  To provide a more comfortable and smooth ride over slightly rougher terrain, the frames have specially shaped Flex Stay seat and chain stays which improve vibration damping, the front Tapered steerer Carbon fork provides even more damping in the front while the huge 1.5″ X-Taper headtube makes steering very stiff and accurate without showing any hint of flexing at all.  The Cyclo Cross bikes are all fitted with disc brakes which enables the rider to ride in any weather condition without having to worry about the degradation of braking power, the disc brake callipers are mounted on specially designed Chain Stay Post Mounts which have three major advantages, one is that it protects the brakes from any external influences with an optimally positioned mounting within the frame triangle, second is that the calliper if supported by the chain stay which is able to distribute the physical forces in an ideal way, and lastly, the internally routed cables can reach the calliper neatly when it exits the chain stay just in front of the calliper.  Merida has also adopted the newer Thru-Axle standards for wheel hubs as it offers various major advantages over older quick releases, besides the higher torsional stiffness, they ensure easy wheel installation and removal while guaranteeing that the brake rotor is always in the same and correct position, 12mm thru-axles are used for the rear wheels while 15mm versions are used in the front.

Merida Cyclo Cross 300

Merida Cyclo Cross 500

Merida Cyclo Cross 700

Merida also has a very extensive range of CrossWay models with varying number of speeds ranging from the basic and entry level 21 speeds up to the latest 30 speed offerings, all models are fitted with flat handlebars and front suspension forks which provide very plush damping over rougher terrain and obstacles while giving the rider sure footed steering.  Some of the forks also feature a remote lock out capability that’s controlled by a cable actuated lever that’s mounted on the handebar, this enables the rider to lock the front suspension and therefore removing the damping feature of the fork, suitable for riding on hard surfaces which doesn’t require any damping at all.  The brakes for these CrossWay models are either mechanical actuated or hydraulically actuated disc brakes, the hydraulic brakes have a smoother and more improved modulation than their cable actuated cousins.  All of the models have frames made with RaceLite 6061 Aluminium tubes with Merida’s typical ATTS Shotgun shaped down tube; frames tubes are mechanically shaped using their Techno Forming System.  Some of the bikes also have a K-Mount drop out, which is a disc dropout with an integrated 2-bolt direct mount for HEBIE rear-frame kick stands.  And all of the models are offered with frames specially designed and built for ladies which does not have standard almost horizontal top tube, the Lady frames have a much sloppier and angled top tube which is almost parallel to the down tube, this enables the ladies to mount the bikes with much more elegance and grace instead of having to swing their entire leg over the top tube to get onto the saddle.  Drivetrain components also vary quite a bit, with the entry level models fitted with Shimano M370 and Alivio derailleurs and paired with Altus shifters, all the way up to the highest spec-ed models which are fitted with Deore XT components.

Merida Crossway 20-MD Matt Anthracite (Blue)

Merida Crossway 20-MD Lady Matt Anthracite (Blue)

Merida Crossway 20-MD Lady Silk Black

Merida Crossway 20-MD Silk Black

Merida Crossway 100 Lady Matt Anthracite (Red)

Merida Crossway 100 Matt Anthracite (Red)

Merida Crossway 300 Matt Anthracite (Blue)

Merida Crossway 300 Matt Black (Lime)

Merida Crossway 500 Matt Black (Blue)



So if you are planning for your next bike and spend the majority of your rides on concrete paths or tarmac road surfaces, why not take a look at these Cross bikes from Merida?  They offer a more comfortable riding position so that you will be able to enjoy your ride for a longer period and if you are the more competitive type and crave more speed with the ability to go slightly off road sometimes, and then the Cyclo Cross model might be more suited to you.


Merida bicycles are available from Hup Leong and their partner stored all over Singapore.


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