MTB: Team Multivan-Merida

MTB aficionados will agree; MULTIVAN-MERIDA is one of the most successful MTB teams of recent times. For the 9-month season in 2013, team Multivan-Merida was involved in 65 races that cover Cross Country (XCO), Cross Country Eliminator (XCE) and Marathon (XCM) for both men and women. The coverage of these races was vast, involving 17 countries across 4 continents. The result: and impressive 23 victories with 68 podium finishes. That is over 30% victory percentage! Not surprisingly, team Multivan-Merida finished the season 2nd in 2013, and is among the best of MTB teams in the world today.

For 2014, the team will launch an all out assault for the top position as well as to improve on 2013’s impressive results. For that the 2014 updated models Big 9 and Big 99, remains at the forefront, the weapons of choice for the team to mount this challenge.


The team bikes the same as those you find in the shops, and MULTIVAN-MERIDA has been very successful with them. For 2014, the refreshed design will assist in the effort to towards a title challenge!


The BIG NINETY NINE is the full-suspension version of its brethren, the NINE. It’s one of the lightest full suspension frames out there at 1850g and that being said, a very successful one in the races too. 2014 will see the introduction of the updated, lighter and even more responsive frame from Merida.


ROAD: Team Lampre-Merida

Team Lampre-Merida was forged a little over a year ago and is considered a relatively young team in the circuit. Despite this, the team has chalked up great results over the past year. Although they remain outside of the top 10 teams based on the 2013 ranking, it is expected with their recent new signings such as Rui Costa (World Champion 2013, 2 Stage winner TDF 2013, Tour de Suisse 2013) in combination with veterans like Filippo Pozzato, Michele Scarponi, Merida will most likely end up within the top 10 early 2014.

The future looks bright indeed for Lampre-Merida for 2014 with the host of new signings bringing in established and new talent to the team. To ensure that the team has the tools to compete for the new season ahead, Merida has commissioned 3 of its top bikes to cater for all of the races in 2014.



The REACTO-EVO is the main bike for stage racing. The light yet stiff frame construction with aerodynamic cues is well suited for the long haul and adapting to the constant attacks normally seen in stage racing.


For the classics, the RIDE PRO provides the competitive edge, yet sufficient comfort for the professionals to last the test of varying terrain from cobblestoned to even (!) sand. The success of the RIDE PRO is well proven from their good showing during the 2013 spring classics.


2014 WARP TT

The WARP TT is not just another pretty bike. It DOES go as fast as it looks. The updated 2014 REACTO EVO will be the TT bike for team LAMPRE-MERIDA.