The last and final Cyclists Choice Award goes to …

And now… *drum roll* the award winner you have all been waiting for…

TOGOPARTS Cyclists Choice Awards 2015: Your Favourite Local Bike Shop

Winner:                       Hup Leong Company

1st Runner up:             Chapter 2 Cycle

2nd Runner up:            L & T Cycle

Notable mention:        Rodalink Jurong East

Notable mention:        Bike Continent

Notable mention:        Bikelink2

Hup Leong Company, located at Chin Swee Road has swept three of the bike shop awards, including this, arguably the most prestiguous.

Started in 1968 by Mr. Loo Wing Kai, Hup Leong Company has earned itself a place as an established brand name in the local bicycle retail scene. According to his son, Gilbert Loo, “We basically carry three different categories of bikes. Hybrids, mountain bikes, road bikes, and some kids bicycles.”

But that’s not all – you can also find the simple and stylish Nirve range at Hup Leong. And of course, they also stock a slew of popular brands like Dean, NiteRider, Turner, Crank Brothers, and more, as well as being an official dealer of Shimano, Campaganolo and Vittoria.

Congratulations to Hup Leong Company for winning this much-coveted award!


Now, what have we learnt from analyzing the results of Togoparts Cyclists Choice Awards 2015?

First of all, we’ve personally spent a great deal of our own money at many of these shops, and on many of these brands, so we can vouch for their professionalism, after sales services and product quality. Best of all, we now know that hundreds of you have done the same and come to similar conclusions: these bike shops and bike brands all rock.

There’s nothing like finding out that your opinions are more or less spot on with the rest of your peers. So on that note: you are all awesome. Don’t you agree?