Cycling is a passion for many of us, and as with any passion that takes up most of a person’s waking hours, debates about which brand is better is an integral part of it. In fact, many cycling brands often inspire the sort of loyalty that has friends taking opposite sides on the issue of choice.

How do you roll? Do you prefer Shimano or Hope brakes? Who makes a better road frame, Cervélo or Pinarello? Would you pick a Chris King or i9 wheelset? Would you go with Campagnolo gruppo or do you swear by SRAM?

The list of dichotomous choices is long, and many a drunken night has passed with riding buddies hotly debating one or the other of these comparisons, online or IRL. We wanted to find out which were the brands and bike shops most loved in Singapore. And in the process, if we helped cyclists clarify what they actually think are their brands and shops of choice – that’s invaluable self-knowledge that can only help the industry grow.

Luckily for us, you, our readers, responded exactly the way we knew you would. 705 of you showed your love for us by voting in the polls that were open for 3 weeks that spans across 34 categories in all.

Or maybe you just wanted to win our attractive prizes worth more than $4000, including these products, proudly sponsored by Aleoca Singapore, Bike31, Bike Avenue, BRU, Hodaka Motoworld, My Bike Shop, NSR Bikes, RNE Bike Shop, and Rodalink:

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Who are you?

Before we started the questions in earnest, we wanted a breakdown of our voters’ riding discipline. This would have an effect on the types of bike shops they frequent, as well as the kind of brands they endorse. And here’s the result.

1. Foldies/Commuters: 18.01% (127 votes)

2. Mountain Bikers: 33.76% (238 votes)

3. Road bikers: 48.23% (340 votes)

Total number of votes: 705

Here are the award winners of each category – congratulations to all those mentioned here!