The #TOGO817 Finisher Jersey Collection Day saw our ‘817 km challenge winners collect their finisher jerseys and the grand prizes given to the top 10 in the male/female, and the various categories. Ā It was quite a rainy afternoon, but nothing stopped our winners and participants from mingling and shaking hands all around reveling in the quiet and noisy moments of victories and conquests of the roads and soul. Cycling is after all, a test of one’s wits and will as he pits himself against the hands of the elements; to effectively increase his mileage and beat his last record.


Gary Ong, honorable 2nd, King of the Mountains and Night Owl triple title winner.

#TOGO817 km challenge has expanded its categories to include the Senior Rider and Young Rider Classifications. The Saddle Sore, The Hour Record, King of the Mountains, Night Owl, Photosynthesis, Twilight and the Chiongster make up the other categories besides the fundamental Top 10 Male and Female category winners.


Dan Langlois, 4th finisher

The Male category winners include Allan Yeo aka Uncle Tamiya, our repeated #1 Finisher and also Saddle Sore winner; Gary Ong, honorable 2nd, with a King of the Mountains and Night Owl to triple his title; 3rd- Joe Ng; 4th- Dan Langlois, also Photosynthesis winner; 5th- Venkateshwara Rao Mannava; 6th-Ā Seng Cheong Koo aka John who also won the Twilight category; 7th- Yong Nyok Pin; 8th- Stephen Moore, also winner of the “Artist” category; 9th- Jimmy Voon, and in 10th place, Foo Siong Chong. Aden Birch received his knighthood under the Young Rider Classification, while Foo Siong Chiong got honored as our Senior Rider.


Uncle Tamiya riding away with a Cannondale grand prize for being 1st in #TOGO817

With equal honors, the Female category saw #TOGO517’s Tania Jones repeat her #1 finisher feat with a Saddle Sore title, followed by 2nd- Bec H, 3rd- Jenny Ng (our pioneer female rider), 4th- Chung Moi Ling, 5th- Pearlyn Nam, 6th- Emily Angg Lang Ng, 7th- Grace Ng, 8th- Vidya Chandran, 9th- Normala Mohamad Ali, and 10th place- Lynn Chia. The other categories: Senior Rider- Chung Moi Ling; Saddle Sore, Queen of the Mountains and the Chiongster go to Tania Jones, our reigning quadruple-title queen. Jenny Ng also bagged 3 other titles: The Hour Record, Photosynthesis and Twilight. Betty Boo walked away with a Cannasia Bike Fit prize for her achievement in the Night Owl category.


Stephen receiving his certificate for ranking 8th in the #TOGO817 challenge.

Other notable achievements and honorable mentions include Jeremy Yeo, who won a black Vert foldable bike sponsored by Bicycle SG; Khng Jun Jie (1993ranger) who was hospitalized during the challenge period but managed to complete 817km after a one-week extension; Richard Kwok (richardkwok68) who posted most photos on Instagram hashtagged #TOGO817; and Rishit Panigrahi (hellrokr) who lost close to 9kg and gained tremendous fitness since the beginning of #TOGO517.

Participants happily receiving bike servicing vouchers sponsored by BYX.

Togoparts congratulates all winners and wishes them luck, good skill and godspeed in the #TOGO1117 and all future conquests.



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