12th November 2017 heralded the day of #Togo1117’s Finishers Jersey Collection. In conjunction was the third and last day of the Togo Bike Fest 2017. True to that old adage of cyclists’ punctuality, the #Togo117 Finishers who’d been shopping earlier at the Fest formed up their queue before 2pm. A heated fervor filled the air as the Finishers eagerly awaited their Finishers Jerseys. What made this particular event significant was that it combined #Togo517, #Togo817 and #Togo1117 challengers to form the #TOGOX Grand Finishers Event. Held at Suntec City Crescent Level 2, it was hard to measure the turnout as the crowd was a mix of Fest goers and Finishers. Of the Finishers, some were #TogoHalf (meaning you had to complete 557km) participants and some were #Togo1117.


Queue snaked halfway down the large hall before 2pm had even reached.

What made this Jersey Collection Day different: the introduction of Inspirational Stories sharing from 2pm-3pm. There, we witnessed a number of participants, including Darren Ang, Joe Ng and Richard share their experiences on how cycling helped them slim down. Others also took the stage and by and by the crowd filled up the chairs at the stage area.

Click here to watch a video on the inspirational talks by Darren, Joe and Richard. You’d be surprised at the amount of weight cycling cut down for them! 


#Togo117 Elite Finisher, Finisher & #TogoHalf

The difference between these 3: Elite Finisher clocks 2517km and beyond to qualify; the Finisher completes 1117km (that’s what #Togo1117’s about); #TogoHalf winners just have to clock 557km. All mileage had to be covered between 9th Sep and 5th Nov 2017.

3pm, Klaire our dedicated emcee announced the start of the prize-giving. #TOGO1117 Elite Finishers and Finishers collected their certificates followed by #TOGOHalf winners. Congratulations to all the winners!


Shoutout goes to two teams:

1) The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) cycling team

Singapore Institute of Technology guys

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) cycling team, put together by Shirley Jong & her colleagues after her boyfriend Jeremy Yeo (#Togo817 Most Well-Traveled Veteran) informed her of #TogoHalf. Noteworthy of mention: Alvin from SIT rode the ENTIRE CHALLENGE on SHARED BIKES. OBike had been offering it free for September, so he got on one and covered some routes. Come October, OBike’s free rides ended; Mobike was Alvin’s next choice. With these 2 brands he covered the entire #TogoHalf route of 557km.

“OBike was good as a fixie, whereas Mobike has 3 gears.” said the enthusiastic newcomer by way of explanation. 

Alvin’s achievement shows that riding goes beyond the bicycle. It touches the heart of the rider who dedicates his time and marries his heart and soul with the challenge to achieve what he’s set out for. Shared bikes, though somewhat paling in comparison to mountain or road bikes, may also cover the same mileage. The rider just has to ride over longer time to compensate for the slower speeds. Still, Alvin’s results have spoken.


2) The Road Warriors – The Team That Never Sleeps 

Someone flung a title for them “The Team That Never Sleeps”. True to that claim and led by Gary Ong, the team claimed the most number of titles for a single group of people amid all the teams. Pearlyn Nam walked away with 3rd Female Elite Finisher placing and Saddle Sore Female winner; Dan Langlois 2nd Male Elite Finisher and Photosynthesis. Other teammates also contributed to their title: Elvin Low, Nite Owl winner; Jenny Ng, 1st Female Elite Finisher & Female Chiongster; and Gary Ong, 7th Male Elite Finisher. Elvin had taken to the wilderness at night and rode most of his sleep away, earning his team the namesake. It can be taken literally AND figuratively: Elvin alone, or the entire team who rode so furiously. The choice is yours. 😛

Of the team captain himself, Pearlyn had this to say of him: “Gary was a highly motivating captain who didn’t stop pushing himself to complete the journey despite being unwell for a period. He was also there for those who needed a little pushing to complete as well”. 


3. Team Speed Rocket – the #TOGOX Veterans

Team Speed Rocket is Allan’s brainchild together with his brother Ivan Yeo.

Team Speed Rocket was formed by brothers Allan and Ivan Yeo. Its namesake originated from the bike accessories Ivan was selling. As a team, Allan and his teammates supported one another through thick and thin. Allen, who’d devoted himself almost full-time to cycling, spent a great deal of time outdoors taking on the #Togo challenges. His enthusiasm stemmed from Ivan who rode for Epic charities. Through Ivan, Allan aka “Uncle Tamiya” bought himself a mountain bike four years ago and steadied himself on the techniques of cycling from scratch. His passion for cycling has rubbed off on his team, who pitted themselves incrementally against the elements and scored incredible victories for #Togo1117. That they’re all Elite Finishers is even more amazing – Elites have to complete 2517km or beyond in 3 months or less. This challenge, Allan bagged first spot again, no difference from the previous challenges. He is also Saddle Sore winner. Of the others, James Tan came in 4th Male Elite, Grace Ng 2nd Female Elite, and Rebecca H 9th Female Elite.

Congratulations to all the winners!



Because of his dedication, and

TOGOX Lucky Draw – and sponsorship thanks

#TOGOX Grand Finisher ended with the #TOGOX Lucky Draw, where participants of 517, 817 and 1117 took part to win some great prizes.

Togoparts would like to thank the following sponsors for their kind contributions to our #Togo1117 prizes and lucky draw: Garmin, Odlo sponsored by TripleFit, RNE Bike Shop, D’Bike Studio and Apex Pharma Marketing Pte Ltd.


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