And Finally…

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All good (and bad) things must come to an end and it can be a double edged sword. On one hand, it is a relief that four extremely mentally and physically taxing days are ended and now we are on the home run stretch. On the other, there won’t be another chance for Asia to experience such a big bike show until one year later.

Cane Creek

The Angleset is the newest in headset innovation from Cane Creek

If you fancy a little modification with the headset angle of your bike, then the new Angleset by Cane Creek is  what you need. The Cane Creek Angleset allows you to change the headset angle at a range of plus/minus 1.5 degrees maximum to give you different ride characteristics as a change in headset angle alters the wheelbase, handlebar to seatpost length and fork caster.

Also introduced to us is the redesign of the whole Cane Creek range, which includes 170 headsets. The creation of five families of headsets help the consumer match the top and the bottom headsets aesthetically.


Not the lightest, but allegedly the “best” disc brake on the market. The MT8 by Magura.

Magura has many new things for many people. The new disc brakes line, the MT series brings with it weight savings as well as greater build quality to the braking system through the use of the new Carbotecture techonology. The top-of-the-line MT8 weighs in at 278 grams and has a fully carbon fibre master cylinder follows the industry in adopting the T25 Torx bolts.

Also, Magura introduced its 2012 range of forks that include the Durin series and the the Thor. The changes include a change from using lubricating oils to ease fork travel to using bushings and grease instead. All forks come with a double arc which enhances stiffness.

The End

The final curtain was pulled by Jeremy Horng, the Executive Director of Taitra as well as Andrea Wu, the Publicity Manager of Taitra. Postulating that this year’s Taipei Cycle (aka Taiwan Cycle Show) has been a great success despite the horrors of the Japan earthquake.

They expounded their aspirations for next year’s Taipei Cycle, which is slated to be even bigger than this year’s. Taitra’s chairman has secured a temporary space near the Nangang Exhibition Hall which will house 500 more booths. Horng mentioned that they hope to host more forums and seminars for attendees.

The final message came from a VIP named Nobuya Sakamoto. The COO of CyclePress from Japan, he expressed his thanks to the kindness of the Taiwanese people for their kindness and blessing towards the disaster in Japan, and thanked Taitra for creating an event that is smoother compared to previous years.

The Post-Show International Conference ended and we left. Never to see the Press Center that I so fondly visit everyday.