Taipei Cycle Show Day 1

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Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony had a whole range of guests from Japan, Taiwan and European guests.

Today marks the first day in which the Taipei Cycle Show is open to trade visitors. Many interesting things have been brought to the forefront of the media’s attention, such as the development of what the Taiwanese call a “cycling life”. The cycling lifestyle is apparent in a few ways in Taipei from touching down, such as the dedicated bike paths, and the shared scooter-bicycle paths on the right-most lane (the Taiwanese drive on the right).

First and foremost is definitely the Opening Ceremony. The Opening Ceremony invites many big players in the industry, such as Mr. Shimano (yes, that Shimano), the Economics Minister, and the President of the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association (TBEA) and finally the President of Taitra. The last three spoke at the Opening Ceremony and lauded the success of the Taiwan Cycle Show, which has grown ever since it became a separate exhibition from the Taipei International Sporting Goods Show. This year, there are a total of 3,060 exhibitors, with at least a quarter from overseas.

Another key feature of their speeches is their aspirations for the Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing industry. Great stress was placed upon making Taiwan the manufacturing hub of bicycles in the world, building them upon high standards of quality, progressive innovation and well thought out product design. There is a high-held hope that there would be social change in Taiwan, where the cycling lifestyle would be more deeply embraced. Basing his argument on the benefits of cycling as a socially responsible mode of transport, this was the belief of the President of TBEA.



FFWD’s F6R with Neutral Decals. Black, white and grey are used as a compromise to customer’s desire of a colour matching their bikes.

From the Dutch wheel manufacturer, FFWD, comes the new Neutral Decals colour scheme, which is an option on two wheelsets, their F6R and F4R. This colour scheme (black and white) was chosen as customer feedback that was given to FFWD indicated that they would like to have their wheels in a colour scheme that fits their bike. Unfortunately, that was difficult, so FFWD compromised and created this neutral colour scheme.

These wheelsets debuted in Eurobike. The F6R comes with special features such as the DARC (Double Arc) profile, and a special braking surface that goes with the supplied brake pads from Swissstop. According to them, the braking surface coupled with the brake pads give very good braking in the wet.

More brands covered


AGU’s innovative pads. Carbon fibre is implemented in the padding of the bib on the right.

AGU brings us true innovation. We talked to the sales guy but unfortunately, he couldn’t sell any of his goods according to the rules, although he was really smooth.

AGU is another Dutch manufacturer that makes cycling wear. The most interesting innovation from them is their underwear made from environmentally friendly coffee waste. A mix of 47% S.Cafe polyester and 53% polyester, the underwear brings breathability and warmth to cyclists in temperate climates. An extra benefit of recycling coffee waste to make these fabrics is in the inherent characteristics of coffee, which helps absorb smell.

That was not all. Material wise, carbon fibre was also employed in the creation the padding for their bibs. By using carbon fibre, heat is better transported. Laser cutting was also used to cut the bib’s suspenders.