It is indeed pretty interesting to see other players coming into the 12 speed game other than SRAM

It is indeed pretty interesting to see other players coming into the 12 speed game other than SRAM. In the groupset department, most of us only recognise Sram, Shimano or Campagnolo. Not many may have heard brands such as Sunrace, S-Ride or Microshift. Even though Microshift isn’t in the 12 speed game yet, we still have something interesting to show later on.

Sunrace components on display

Sunrace started to get slightly more well known among those who are more bike-tech savvy for their big range cassettes. First, was their wide ratio 10 speed cassette of 11-42 which caught some people’s attention and then came in the 11 speed. Now sunrace has made a full 12 speed groupset. There was something that looked like a prototype brake which I wasn’t sure of what it is yet but we may see it in the market in the upcoming years.

11 and 12 Speed Groupsets from Sunrace

12 Speed Groupset from Sunrace

First impression of the 12 speed groupset from them came in pretty positive. With rather high end finishing of overall components, I cannot find anything much to fault them yet. However, no demo sets were there to test the shifting performance. But with a mighty competitor such as SRAM, we can only expect Sunrace to pace at somewhere pretty similar.

For S-Ride, it was indeed an unheard of brand till I got to the Taipei Cycle Show. There was a demo set there for us to test it’s shifting performance. It shifted pretty fast and accurately which indeed suprised me. However based on what I know, in the demo set, there is a clutch in place. However, the clutch is still a prototype within the 12 speed groupset. Hence it may take some time for the full groupset to come into play in the market. (For S-Ride, this 12 speed is still pretty much under experiment, they still do not want the product to be shown in pictures yet. But do keep up with them on their webpage

Ah yes, now the real interesting part which I saw at the Microshift booth. With some positive experience using Microshift components, I would expect nothing less from them. At their booth, I saw a electronic mountain bike groupset rumoured to have a RTP of around 600USD(approx 840SGD). With Shimano XTR di2 and XT di2 at a much higher price, this may be a very very attractive alternative for those who have a much tighter budget. With my experience using the Di2, I would say theres room for improvement in the shifting speed department. As for shifting accuracy, I would say that it would be what you would expect from a electronic groupset. Tho the finishing of the overall groupset may not be as refined, it is still only 600USD for a electronic groupset as rumoured. With that, we cannot complain much.

The Microshift USB port

The Microshift eXCD Rear Derraileur

The Microshift Electronic Groupset while doing some demo

After seeing these brands coming into the gear game, it has really made things much more interesting for the market, at least for me. Why would i say so? As a person who loves different products, I will always have value for money in mind, hence performance may not be the top priority. So long these brands are able to bring me the value for money factor, I personally would not mind trying them out as a form of different investment.