The Only Booth From Singapore

Day 2 of Taipei Cycle 2012 brings with it more goodies along with wet, freezing and windy weather conditions. Here we go!


The only booth representing Singapore is none other than Soul Bikes. No stranger to the industry, Soul has been producing high quality road race wheels at competitive prices. Over the years, their wheelsets have grown to command a huge following locally and overseas in countries such as America and Korea.

Soul’s S-Series have been well known to be strong, light and economical. They’ve now updated this range to further improve the products’ performance. Both the S2.0 and S3.0 now sport wider rims widths at 23mm compared to the 20mm of their predecessors. This creates better aerodynamics and stability especially when crosswinds enter the picture.

The pair, along with the deeper-profile S4.0, now also comes with Soul’s proprietary anodised BLACKEN braking surface. With proprietary brake pads, his creates a stealthy appearance that almost looks like carbon from a distance.

The carbon C-Series has also gotten a makeover, with similarly wider widths for better aerodynamic performance, while ghost decals complete the carbon wheelsets’ aggressive look.

They also recently stepped into the off-road wheelset market, with their M2.0, which are 29er XC/all-mountain spinners.



The folks from Magura introduce their latest technology, the RT8TT, a hydraulic braking system for time-trial bikes.

The masterpiece developed with Cervelo is the lightest of its kind in the market at a ridiculous 495 grams for a complete kit. From an aerodynamic point of view, the RT8TT is fantastic as it brings the callipers closer to the frame and eliminates the need for cables and arms to stick out. This also means it is stiffer compared to traditional brakes.

Hydraulics eliminates the problems that hosed cables face such as stretching and obstruction.

Quick-release is also implemented to make changing of wheels quick and simple.

Along with the callipers, the brake levers are also very ergonomically designed. A patented mount also means the calipers will hold on to handlebars of any diameter. Carbon levers are comfortable to the grip and each squeeze feels light and oh-so-smooth.



The Taiwanese brand more known for mountain bikes features two new entries to their collection. The 931 SS Road and Ti Cyclocross steal the spotlight at the booth.

Rikulau worked with Reynolds to experiment with constructing with the latter’s 931 tubing. The result is a stiff yet comfortable ride worthy of handling some nasty conditions. A polished finish adds to the bling of the horizontal top-tube geometry.

As the name suggests, Ti Cyclocross is well, a titanium cyclocross frame. No stranger to crafting titanium frames, the company now has a cross frame to meet the demands of the growing trend in China.

The neatly designed frame houses an internal headset and disk brakes, which might be a love/hate thing for hard-core cross racers. The titanium tubing however, should provide a welcoming ride that soaks up the vibrations.

The Goodies


Foss, known for coming up with ‘repairable’ inner tubes, now presents something you would never expect from them – hubs. Internal braking hubs to be exact.

Designed for mountain bikes, this product aims to eliminate the hassle of having to fiddle around with disc or rim brakes. Particularly for carbon rims, where constant hard braking might cause problems to either ends of contact.



A small company with big dreams. Ranking sponsors 20 full-fledged cycling teams including AG2R Pro Team, Iran National Team and Team Senter-Merida.



Elegantly-designed commuter bikes that is chock-full to the seams with character. Classy. Shiny. Charming.


The legendary folding bike used by Swiss paratroopers showcases their range suited perfectly to civilians.

More Goodies


The quirky belt-driven machine now comes in three speeds and some crazy colours.


Focus shows off their innovative FSL, one of the lightest full-suspension frames around, with rear shocks integrated within the bike’s top tube.



Don’t worry, we’ve never heard of Reebok bikes before this either. Focused on fitness and recreation, the British company produces singlespeeds, sport road bikes, hybrids, commuters and junior bikes.