Selle Italia – The Development of High Quality Saddles

The Selle Italia brand name is almost unanimous with high quality bicycle saddles. Started since 1897, Selle Italia did not go into the development of high end bicycle saddles until the 1970s. They have never looked back ever since. Below is a quick snapshot of their past achievements.

1990: Selle Italia introduced the Flite. It was the precursor of lightweight saddles, weighing in at less than 200 grams. Its slim profile also reduced friction considerably. It was the top choice among many professional racers back then.

1998: Selle Italia created the Trans Am, the first saddle with an opening in the middle for more flexibility and relieving pressure in the perianal area.

2000: A decade after their success with Flite, Selle Italia showcased the SLR, a saddle that pushed the boundaries of lightness and performance. The SLR was a sensation when launched and is still one of their best-selling saddles till date.

2010: Selle Italia created the Monolink, a revolutionary seat post design with innovative carbon fiber technology and new clamping system that allows extended rail adjustability.

So, what is new with Selle Italia currently?

Firstly, Selle Italia recognized the fact that it is inadequate to have good saddle designs if consumers do not know how to select one that would suit his/her purpose. To assist consumers, Selle Italia has developed the IDMATCH system which aims to help customers, scientifically, to identify a range of suitable saddles in four simple steps. Consumers only need to visit an id-match dealer and proceed with the id-match analysis. By the elevation of 4 parameters dealer will be sable to suggest which is the best saddle to every consumer.

On the last great entry on Selle Italia saddle range is “Iron”. Iron is exclusively designer for triathletes. Three models on this family range. Iron Flow, Iron Tekno Flow and Iron Tekno  Flow Speciale. In total there are 2 sizes. Each of these models comes in the S or L, which denote the size of the saddle. The Iron has a snub nose that reduces chaffing of the tights against the saddle. Its honeycomb structure at the nose allows water to run off during the transition from swimming to biking. The most distinct feature of the Iron is the extended carbon section at the rear. Selle Italia claimed that this would offer an aerodynamic advantage to the rider by preventing a vortex cascade behind the rider.

In addition to saddles development, Selle Italia has also extended their line of handlebar tape, the Smootape, with more colour options and models. The Smootape has four models in the lineup. They are Classic Leather, Controllo, Gran Fondo and Corsa. There are up to ten colours options for each model except for Classic Leather, which is limited to four. The Smootape is unlike the usual bar tape in which they do not overlap. This creates a smoother and thinner gripping surface for the rider and has received many positive feedbacks from riders all over.


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