Company background 

Scotts have their roots in extreme sports since 1958, where the company started with the production of tapered aluminum ski poles. They got into the bicycle industry in 1986 with their first mountainbikes and they’ve never looked back since. They’ve been at the forefront of innovation in the various fields of skiing, snowboarding and bicycling, inventing things such as the aerobars in 1989 which contributed significantly to Greg Lemond’s Tour De France win in the same year. They have also agressively pursued in the material field of carbon fibre, with groundbreaking products like the CR1, world lightest production roadbike frame and the Scott Ransom, a full carbon all mountain bike which comes in at under 30 pounds. Not resting on their laurels, Scott will be introducing even more cutting edge products in 2007.


On the 15th of December, Kian Hong Cycle held a workshop presentation and new products launch for the Scott Spark and Addict. Several Bicycle Merchants and I were invited to listen to the presentation by Hogler Klinter, Scott Sports SA’s product manager. We were introduced to the latest IMP (Integrated Carbon Molding Process), the latest carbon production technologies which were being used in their new carbon frames. The new process allows the toptube, headtube and downtube to be produced in a single step, allowing for lighter construction techniques while increasing strength. The 2007 Spark and Addict will also feature the latest HMX fibres which increases stiffness by 20% over the CR1’s HMF fibres.

Introducing the Scott Spark

The Scott Spark is the lightest mountaib frame and shock combination in the world. The frameset weighs in at an incredible 1550 grams, with the Nude TC shock at a featherlight 240grams. The frame utilizes the new Integrated Moulding Process which was first featured in the CR1 roadbikes. The Nude TC shock , which was developed jointly with DT Swiss offers three travel modes with a new Tracloc TC handlebar mounted lever. The All travel mode offers 110mm of rear wheel travel, which can easily switched to the Traction mode of 70mm, or lockout mode with the press of the Tracloc lever. The Spark also features carbon dropouts, Naked External Tubeset (which removes the cosmetic layer of carbon) and an integrated carbon seatpost to bring the weight down to 9.9kg for the Spark LTD. For those with budget constraints, the Spark is also available in 3 other versions with identical carbon and shock technolgy, but without the integrated carbon seatpost.

Introducing the Scott Addict 

After introducing the world’s lightest roadbike frame with the CR1, Scott went on to develop the new Addict with the latest cutting edge technologies.

Scott pulled out all the stops in order to attain the featherlight weight of a 790grams frame with integrated seaptpost. Integrated Molding Process and Naked External Tubeset technologies, coupled with carbon dropouts, integrated carbon seatposts, carbon front derailleur mount, carbon cable stops and the world’s first integrated bottom bracket were incooperated into the Addict’s weight loss program. The integrated bottom brackets looked more like integrated headsets which are pressed into the bottom brackets, and were developed jointly with Shimano. Durace quality bearings ensure years of smooth service, and the bottom brackets saved 40grams of weight over conventional external bottom brackets.

Introducing the Contessa Race Collection 

Female athletes who are into competition traditionally have to put up with bicycles developed for their male counterparts, which are compromised for the ladies’ needs. In recent years, several bicycle companies have moved forward in the field of WSD (Women Specific Design) bicycles, but most of the companies do not include WSD in their top of the line models. Scott has already included the Contessa CR1 Team for their lady athletes since 2006, and in 2007 Scott will introduce the Contessa Race Collection with WSD versions of the Spark, Scale, CR1 Pro and Team, Plasma, and Speedster.

Ladies with the competitive edge would no longer have to lineup at the start line with anything less than the best! Scott will also introduce a new range of apparel, eyewear, helmets and even bags. The full range of 2007 Scott bikes and gear will hit Singapore around Feburary of 2007.