Safra Bike Fair 2014

SAFRA Tampines is delighted to collaborate with Bike Store* ( once again for SAFRA Bike Fair and it hopes that the event will heighten the Club’s offerings to NSmen and their families and enhance its image as a Sports hub. At the same time, SAFRA Tampines would like to promote the SAFRA Cycling Club to cycling enthusiasts as a platform to bond members with the same interest.

Based at SAFRA Tampines, SAFRA Cycling Club started on 07th July 2012 hopes to promote cohesion and camaraderie among like-minded members with opportunities to meet and socialize, experience cycling activities and to exchange skills, experience and knowledge! As part of the Cycling Club’s member, you get to enjoy subsidies for major races such as OCBC Cycle, NTU Rally & MTB Carnival. Be sure to look out for SAFRA Cycling Club booth for more information and benefits.

Highlight of the SAFRA Bike Fair include presentation for Bike Insurance (daily 4 to 5 pm), Bike Fitting (5 to 6pm, Saturday,22 Feb), Bike injury talks (time to be fixed). First Principal Financial Pte Ltd will be on-site(Booth A4) throughout the Bike Fair. For updated activities and participants, please visit

There will also be the biggest congregation of used bikes at one location during the SAFRA Bike Fair which includes road bikes, mountain bikes and folding bikes, perfect for cyclists looking for an upgrade or good bargain! Just wheel in your “used bike” and we will put it up for sales (see for more details). A ‘silent auction’ will also take place, whereby a stipulated price is stated on the bicycle and interested parties can leave their price offers. Your used bikes will be displayed at the ‘‘used bike corner’’ (Booth E). The organizer will provide pick-up service & return service at $30 per bike. Please booked early as there limited space.

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast who is always on the hunt for a good deal for bikes/bikes parts or a newbie cyclist who is keen to learn more about the sport of cycling, once again the SAFRA Bike Fair will have something installed for! Don’t miss it!!


SBF Presentation Timing


Friday Saturday Sunday
3pm to 4pm Rocktape:Benefits of Deep Muscle Massage for cyclist by BMJ Therapy Rocktape: Taping for Cyclist Injuries by BMJ Therapy Rocktape: Benefits of Deep Muscle Massage for cyclist by BMJ Therapy
4pm to 5pm BikInsurance
5pm to 6pm Empty Bike Fitting by Loue Bike Empty


Bike Fitting Presentation (22nd Feb 2014 5pm to 6pm)

LOUE Bicycles Fit Lab is dedicated to provide professional bike fitting services for cyclists from all walks of life. Through constant research and education, we seek to provide the highest standards of bike fitting services for our clients. Our bike fitting protocol is based on a combination of cycling experience, knowledge and, science and technology, to provide clients with the best bike fit for their objectives, goals and needs. We are committed to work with cyclists of all abilities to provide maximum benefit to clients, to achieve the best positive outcome. We want to help fellow cyclists enjoy every moment on their bicycles, and be able to “Smile on the Miles”.

Timothy Lim is the head fitter and engineer at LOUE Bicycles Fit Lab. He is an advanced certified S.I.C.I and RETÜL bike fitter and NCAP certified cycling coach. Each year, he spends time overseas with some of the best bike fitters in the world to gain valuable experience and knowledge. He is an elite road cyclist with the OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team since 2009 and the National Road Cycling team, Timothy has competed all over the world in UCI races in France, Japan, Australia and South East Asia. His Bicycles Fit presentation is scheduled on Saturday (22nd Feb 2014) from 5pm to 6pm.

BikInsurance Scheme Presentation (21st – 23rd Feb 4pm to 5pm)

There will be a talk by Ms. Camille Tan ( Account Manager for Special Projects, First Principal Financial Pte Ltd) on “BikInsurance Scheme” A perfect talk for cyclists who just purchase their bicycle, as well as new cyclists enthusiast.
Stay tune for more promotions during the bike fair!

Confirmed merchants of the SAFRA Bike Fair so far include First Principal Financial, BYX, Bikes and Bites, My Bike Shop, Mighty Velo, Jet Hobby, Teamlink,  GP Bikes, AX Sports, Status Sport Pte Ltd, Park Tool School for bike maintenance, Bike Store, Dun-touch-my-bike (Electric Bikes), NSR bike, F100,Mitre, Body Science Compression, The Little Bike Shop and Zen’Yu Pacific (32Gi, 1000 MILE & Ultimate Performance), Primegroup(Timbuk2), My Safety ID, Spectrum (OCBC Cycle Singapore), Spotivo (Spiuk, 3Action), Rocktape, Orbit (wheels), Steelmark (Falcon Helment Lighting)