(Left to Right) Phil Liggett, Ed Clancy, Aaron Gate, Chris Robb, Thomas Rabou, Robbie McEwen, Alan Rushton (Photo Credit: Spectrum Worldwide)

From 8:30pm onwards this evening, fans can catch their favourite cycling superstars at the 90 minute professional criterium race at the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2013 which kicks off today.  The event, which Chris Robb, Managing Director of Spectrum Worldwide, organizer of the OCBC Cycle Singapore, described as “watching F1 on bicycles” will promise plenty of exhilarating race action.

According to race Technical Director Alan Rushton, this year’s 1.6km race circuit has been shortened and corners redesigned. The track will be technical and challenging as riders will constantly need to make turns and change positions, providing plenty of opportunities for riders on the circuit to power out of a corner. Expect to see plenty of attacks during tonight’s race!

With an exciting line up of prominent riders that include Britain’s Ed Clancy, Australia’s Michael Freiberg and New Zealand’s Aaron Gate, the race would not be complete without Phil Liggett, one of pro-cycling’s most popular commentator in the world. This year, Liggett will pair up with Robbie McEwen, recently retired Australian former professional road cyclist and winner of last year’s OCBC Professional Criterium, to bring to you the most exciting developments on the racing track.

To catch some of the heart stopping racing action, be sure to make you way down to the F1 Pit this evening at 8:30 pm. Admission is free.