This year’s National Runway Cycling and Skating (NRWCS) held special significance for all the fathers who participated in it; it not only promoted family bonding but also celebrated Father’s Day. Many did not miss this opportunity to cycle or skate in a place that was reserved to the military and open to the public for a day out of the entire year.

As we arrived at the venue, one thing that caught our eye was the many families cycling and skating together. Despite the relentless sun and it still being early in the morning, we could see the happiness on the participants’ faces. Older family members held the younger ones’ hands as they skated around the runway, parents waiting for their children as the little ones rode on their training wheels.

In celebration of Father’s Day this year, this year’s NRWCS focused on the many fathers amongst the crowd, and the highlight of that day was a Super Daddy Contest. Five brave fathers took to the stage as they were tested on how sexy, strong and talented they were. The five brave fathers strutted their stuff onstage as they posed to the music.

The strongest father was decided by seeing who could do the most push-ups in 30 seconds. Lastly they displayed their talents and Mr Manaf beating the competition to clinch the sexiest as well as the most talented father. Mr Razak, who was dressed most brightly among all the fathers; in orange, did the most push-ups to get the strongest father award.

Mr Manaf dancing his way through the audience’s heart.

To prove that runway cycling is not limited to the younger fathers, Mr Yam Lye Chee, who is 87 years old this year, came to take part in the 6km leisure cycling route with his grandson and two daughters. He proved that age is truly no barrier to exercise and that family bonds and good health contribute to one’s wellbeing. Truly a day to remember for all the fathers and their family members!