Merida – One of the largest Bicycle Manufacturer

Merida is the second largest bicycle manufacturer in Taiwan, and is known for their quality products for as long as I can recall. The brand has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1972. In the International competition arena, Multivan Merida team is well-decorated with over 30 World Cup wins as well as Olympic gold and silver medals since 2004. In 2013, Merida took a leap beyond mountain biking and co-sponsored the Pro-Tour Lampre-Merida team.

In the last decade, Merida has seen numerous successes in the mountain biking segment, which corresponded to their active involvement in the professional racing circuit via their Multivan Merida team. Their experience in professional racing has allowed them to develop products which have proven to work. Some of their best known mountain bikes like the 0.Nine and Ninety-Six, are the pinnacle of technology in their days.

In 2014, Merida has maintained a comprehensive range of MTB for all disciplines. In addition they are offering the new 650B wheels through the new Big Seven and One-Forty range.

For the hardtail lovers, Merida has three different models available, each equipped with a different wheel size. The 0.Nine adopted the traditional 26” loops while the Big Seven and Big Nine use the 650B and 29” respectively. Within each model, there are a variety of sub-models to suit your specific budget and needs.

For those looking for full suspension, Merida bicycles are available in five rear travel lengths. They have the Big Ninety-nine for the XC/marathon racers. The Ninty-nine series has 4” of rear travel length and have 29” wheels to take advantage of its rolling superiority. For those who are not ready for the big wheels, the next option would be the One-Twenty series which are equipped with the standard 26” wheels. For All Mountain and Enduro riders, the One-Forty and One-Sixty will be your pick. As mentioned earlier, the One-Forty spot the latest 650B wheel size while the One-Sixty are on 26”. We understood from Merida that there are plans to offer more of the bigger wheel sizes across its range.

On the road side, there are many exciting developments for Merida since its involvement with Lampre-Merida team from 2013. The Scultura SL has been the primary work horse for the Lampre-Merida team in 2013 and has received a great deal of good reviews on it. Weighing in at sub-890 grams for a medium size frame, the Scultura SL was praised for its balance blend of weight, stiffness and control. For 2014, the team has shifted its focus on weight to that of efficiency. With that, the new Reacto Evo Team was introduced as the new weapon of choice for this year. The Reacto is said to be 200g grams heavier, but the aerodynamic efficiency it brought about far outweighed the weight increase. Furthermore, since UCI is has been sticky with the minimum weight limit of 6.8kg, there is far more mileage in improving efficiency than on weight cutting.

Other than the Reacto Evo Team, Merida has also introduced the new Ride Pro for those “cobblestone” race days. It combines the best qualities of the Scultura SL and the comfort of the Ride Comp. By connecting its extremely flat seat stays to the seat tube at a very low position, it provided excellent rear stay flex to the rider. In addition, Merida’s “Bio Fiber Damping Compound” technology guarantees effective absorption of all vibrations from the road to the wheels.

These two new road bikes are just the beginning for Merida. With Merida getting more involved in the competitive stage, we are sure to witness more innovative and technological advanced products from them in the years ahead.


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