IM Criterium 2017

MALCOLM GOH | 12th February 2017 | EVENTS

On Sunday 5th Feb early in the morning, IMevents hosted the IM criterium at Keat Hong Link. A very intense 12-kilometer race consisting of 10 laps of 1.2 kilometer and 1 neutral safety lap. At 7AM, men’s open category qualifying race started. This category is a team race of 4 member per team, with this, it makes the race really strategic and intense. Due to the intensity and fast pace nature of cycling races, few laps in and there is already a casualty. However, the casualty wasn’t too serious of an issue for the rider but took a toll on the rider’s bike as the frame cracked. As the race progressed, the peloton started to break due to the fast riders at the front of the whole pack. During the race, many of the other team members cheered and pushed their race member of the team on. It really showed the bonding everyone of them has. After a fast paced and exciting 30 minutes, the race came to an end for the qualifying round.
After the race, the other teams started preparing for the next race. Due to this being a race, everyone took winning very seriously and came well prepared. Some teams brought in rollers for their race members to warm up before the upcoming race. With supportive members and them being well equipped, it was heartwarming to see the bonding of members within the teams.

Though only 1.2 Kilometer per lap, it was indeed a real test for fitness and riding skills. Tight corners and sprints really put every single rider to the test. Be it skill or endurance, indeed all the riders put up a good performance of dedication and passion.

The IM criterium also showed what the cycling community has come to today. Riders of different disciplines such as Mountain Bike and Track bikes all came to root for their friends who participated in the race, proving that the cycling community will always be as one.

With a total wave count of 6 waves, the event ended at approximately 11AM. As participants, they are entitled an IM criterium T shirt, race bib and timing chip. I am sure all the riders took this experience with them and will train harder for further criterium races in the future. The event turnout was a great success with the amount of participants and supporting members.