The Ghost Haunting Ride took place on 10/11/04 and was organized by Mr Hassan aka xcycle. The following is a short account of that ride by Mr Hassan himself.

On the night of 10/11/04, approximately 40 riders took part in the Ghost Haunting Ride. It was a beginning of a new inter-group relationship between riders all over Singapore. The motive of the ride was to promote friendship and share the knowledge of the unknown beings and sightseeing of the historical places situated around the southern part of Singapore.

10.15pm: Waiting at the Harbourfront bus stop. Only six riders have arrived at this point, namely Tony, Amoz, Syah, Desmond, Zhiming and myself. A wave of disappointment hit me. Hmmm only six people for an event that garnered so much popular response in the forums for over three weeks.

10.30pm: Slowly but surely the ‘haunters’ did appear and within minutes, our numbers swelled to about 40! Oh my god, this was beyond my expectations. Frankly, during the sms session prior to the event, only 10 riders actually confirm their participation. I made a short briefing about the expected route and stop points before we headed for refreshments at Harbourfront food centre before the ride proper.

11.00pm: Our first stop was at Temenggong Rd. We split up into two groups of riders. The first group went into the forest nearby and formed a circle whereby we tried to establish communication with the spirits and of the rider, rider Syah actually got his leg touched by something. The second group however did not experience anything except for a sudden drop in temperature.

11.20pm: The second stop was at Siloso beach. We took a brief stop at the edge of the beach and while I was describing the wandering spirits that supposedly roamed these parts, we heard a giggle followed by laughter of girls! We literally jumped but were very relieved to find that it was just a group of teenagers having fun! Nevertheless we went to the beach itself and enjoy the breeze.

12.00am: We arrived at Labrador Park and headed straight to the abandoned bunker and Chinese massacre area. In the presence of gloomy and eerie tombs and landmarks, I briefed the group about the predicament of the Chinese under the Japanese forces in WW2. We trekked about the area and found lots of interesting sites. We also went to the fortress itself where the Malay regiment made their brave but futile effort to fight off the Japanese in WW2. Creepy looking windows and broken doors were common sight.

1.00am: Our ride then took us to Alkaff Mansion where the body of Huang Na was found and we paid our final respect to her soul. It was very exhausting as we challenged the hills and had a wonderful breeze down but one of the riders got himself into an accident and became superman for a few seconds. He was however, not injured and still riding like hell!

1.30am: Our final stop was the ancient Malay King’s Tombstone at Radin Mas. We climbed Mount Faber and an ominous looking graveyard greeted us. However we were spared any further chills as the entrance was locked. So we had a photo taking session instead.

2.20am: We headed for a nearby 24hr coffee shop and had refreshments and shared our moments together as a family of riders before we said warm goodbyes and departed with a memorable experience.

As the organizer, I would like to thank all of the riders who supported my event and I promise to organize a better event in the future.