Farewell #TOGO810, Hello #TOGO920

CHARLES LEE | 17th April 2016 | EVENTS

3 months ago, togoparts.com launched #TOGO810, the first of Singapore’s first-ever “Ride Anywhere, Anytime” cycling tri series.  The game plan was simple: the participant would have to cycle at least 810km within 8 weeks and he or she will automatically qualify for a Finisher Jersey.  Believe it or not, 243 riders actually completed the distance within the given timeframe!  Now that #TOGO810 is over, what is next?

In less than a month’s time, #TOGO920, the second part of Togoparts’ cycling tri series, will flag off.

Similar to how #TOGO810 was carried out, #TOGO920 requires the rider to clock at least 920km within a stipulated space of 8 weeks.  Yes, you may say that the distance is now longer.  The likelihood of success seems lower.  But then again, the reward for completing #TOGO920 is bigger!

Apart from the standard Finisher Jersey that you will be entitled to (if you achieved 920km within 8 weeks), the Top 100 Finishers who clocked the longest distance will receive a pair of Arm Warmers!  For those who clocked more than 2,000km, they will be receiving the Elite Finisher Jersey!  The best part is this – togopart.com will be organising a private party specially for the finishers of #TOGO920!

Taking part in #TOGO920 is easy.  Simply log into www.togoparts.com as a member and complete the registration form.  After checking out via Paypal or credit card, you may download the STRAVA app, which can be found in the Apple Store and the  Google Play Store.  Meanwhile, an invitation email will be sent to your designated email address.  After accepting the invitation, you may start logging your rides.

Enough said!  Complete your registration today and get ready to ride!  Challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to complete #TOGO920.  920km in 8 weeks.

We’ll see you at the party!

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