What is E-Walker?

With A Light Kahchia Everybody Rides. That’s what the Walker in E-Walker stands for, and for a good reason. The recently opened shop along Ubi Avenue 3 focuses its business upon light, high-quality bikes, and is aimed at a new generation of riders – the crowd that enjoys cycling as a leisurely activity. This booming group of cyclists, although still at a nascent stage, is one of the fastest growing type of riders, brought upon by the gradual growth of interest in cycling by more and more people.

Peeping through the glass doors, you will see a shop that has a wide variety of bicycles. In E-Walker’s case however, the first glance will pique your senses. It is the first bike shop in the east of Singapore with a special focus on small-wheeled bicycles such as the 8″ wheeled CarryMe, the remarkable full suspension Birdy, the full range of Reach bikes and the lefty-righty IF Mode. E-Walker also stocks a few unique items, such as the FOSS Tube which is a self-sealing tube, the Luminado MP3-cum-light and the PBS Wireless Bike Indicator. Clearly, E-Walker is basing its strategy on good value, high quality and variety.

Gracing the event is Love Cycling, a group of cyclists that takes weekend trips around various areas in Singapore, and on this very morning, E-Walker was their starting point. The founders of E-Walker, Mr Michael Ang and Mr Fude Poh, kindly loaned out around 20 test bikes from their arsenal. The group set off at around 8am, and then the hustle and bustle brought about by having over 20 riders went with it.

Still, the shop was on its toes as it prepared for the riders to come back. A buffet was ordered in, with a general spread of fried rice, cuttlefish, bee hoon and dessert. But more interestingly were the few foreign guests which graced the event, chief of which was George Lin, the mastermind of the Reach range of bicycles was present at the opening ceremony.

The director of Pacific Cycles was in the bike shop at mid-morning, and he hung around talking to customers. One interested customer was very interested in the Reach range of bikes and asked on many questions, and every one of them was thoroughly answered.

Soon, the riders who set off a few hours ago came back, and part two started. The hustle and bustle came back, and there was life in the shop again. People had their lunch, sat around and talked about bikes, and received their goodie bag with their unique lucky draw number inside it.

In the end, George Lin gave an impromptu talk about the different aspects of the Reach, IF Mode and CarryMe. On the various bikes, he talks about the background of each bike, its unique folding mechanism and how it provides no compromise on stiffness and strength and other areas.

Lastly, prizes were given out by Mr George Lin- a pair of FOSS tubes, the PBS Wireless Bike Indicator and the grand prize… a $100 voucher!