The 2-day Desaru Deepavali bike adventure kicked off at the break of dawn at Changi jetty. Present were Day Rider, AMP David, Maxxev, Sendoh, Kommissar, Patio, SexyGuy, Goh, Met, GtSMan and Spinning Girl. After a quick breakfast, the 11 riders together with 2 road bikes, a hybrid roadie, 2 full-suspension, and 6 hardtails loaded onto bumboat 1299.

45 minutes later we arrived at Pengerrang to a bright and cloudless day. After clearing customs, we were off, with Day Rider and Maxxev leading the way into a light headwind. Before long we arrived at town where everyone downed cans of icy cold 100-plus, Pepsi, and water! After a brief chit chat, spirits were still high as we set back off for Desaru. The sun beat down mercilessly as the group slowly spread out. With walkie talkies, Maxxev and official sweeper GtSMan ensured the group stayed in contact at all times.

The occasional kampong kid waved us on as oil palm plantations swept by. The traffic was light and as we continued to ride on. Suddenly, a herd of cows ran onto the road, before crossing into the field on the other side. The lead riders zipped by them. Patio made the quick decision to accelerate and avoid the crossing cows! The rest of us sped forth as the cows “moooooo”ed along. A second, much larger herd soon crossed, on their way to “lunch” on the other side.

Soon after, we knew it was time to face the hills leading to Desaru. In the sweltering heat, the hills were definitely a challenge, as we tackled hill after hill only to find ourselves faced with yet another long dusty climb. Soon enough the gap between riders spread. There was nothing left to do but pedal and hope your camelpak doesn’t run dry!

Finally, all our hard work paid off when we finally descended the last hill and headed towards the Perdana Resort. Flat roads and the prospect of a nice long shower, food and water and of course air conditioning filled everyone with renewed vigour as we did the final dash to the hotel!

After checking in, our bikes securely stowed in rooms and balconies, we cleaned up, enjoyed the air con, hung our riding clothes to dry. SexyGuy got his fix of ESPN, while AMP David enjoyed his peanuts!

A quick lunch at the cafe saw us tuck into curry chicken (a crowd favourite!), fried rice (which Sendoh wasn’t crazy about!), noodles and salad! Then it was back to the rooms for some R&R before our BBQ buffet dinner at 7.

At the dinner table, the quiet Kommissar impressed everyone with his appetite! And the jokes and stories and good-natured grilling started! Everyone admired Goh’s terrific sunburn (Owww)! While Patio, young Sendoh, Day Rider and GTSMan kept the party alive and well.

Day 2 began with anticipation of the seafood lunch treat in town which Day Rider had planned for us! Set to depart at 11am, we decided to check out the pool and beach after breakfast. The weather was dismal. Slightly clouded over and pregnant with rain. But nonetheless, we all looked forward to the ride back.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Desaru. We mounted our bikes and we were off! The weather was cool and breezy, a welcome change from yesterday. As we rode, the momentum picked up with zest as we tackled the hills in reverse. Blame it on the amazing weather, or the idea of a yummy seafood lunch waiting for us in town, but the group just sped along almost effortlessly!

Before we knew it, we were fast approaching our first rest stop (probably in record time!) But not before a sudden downpour of rain caught us by surprise, drenching everyone!!! We rode on, as the rains subsided. soon our bikes were muddy from the sudden downpour. But what a great feeling it was!

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful as we finally reached the restaurant, almost an hour ahead of schedule! We met groups of other riders, some in town for the day, others on their way to Desaru and beyond. AMP David, Patio, Met, GtsMan and I took the opportunity for a quick durian snack at a nearby stall while the rest waited at the restaurant.

Soon, we all piled into the private room Day Rider had booked for our party as the feast began! Dish after dish of abalone, black pepper crab, king prawns, lobster, steamed fish, noodles, and much much more was put before us as we devoured everything in sight!!!

Personally, I wondered if I could bike to the jetty after such a wonderful meal! But indeed, soon enough it was time to leave and we slowly pedaled back to Pengarrang. At one point, GtSMan was spotted drafting a scooter which reportedly reached speeds of 60km/hr!!!

Before long, we were back at the jetty. We piled our bikes and ourselves onto the bumboat, waved goodbye to Malaysia (till the next trip) and headed back for the shores of Singapore.