Visit to Seramban , Malaysia 2008

The demo

National riders from BikeTrial Singapore were invited to demonstrate the skills and stamina required to ride trials. The sections consist of wooden pallets and a Red Bull Ford 4WD truck.

On Saturday (14th June), there was a youth and sport event in Komplek Belia dan Sukan (Youth & Sports Complex) in Seremban , Negri Sembilan. The event was organised by the Negri Sembilan State Government.

There were a lot of booths showcasing youth related sports activities and career oriented opportunities. Some VIPs were there to give their important two bits on youth culture et al. The RM95 million spaceman of Malaysia was also there to inspire the youths to shoot for the stars.

The public could not over shadow the BikeTrial event that was taking place. Syarul (The Malaysia BikeTrial Delegate) managed to get a booth at the event to organise a first ever major demonstration and promotion of BikeTrial with Red Bull being the sponsor in Malaysia!!!

At one point, the organiser had to stop the guys from riding to ensure that everyone was focused on the speeches given by the VIPs!

They also organised a clinic for the public to learn more about the sport and for them to have a taste of what the sport is all about. Pointers and advices were given to the Malaysia BikeTrial riders to help them achieve the next platform in BikeTrial.

The ride

Not forgetting about the fun factor in regards to this visit, the Malaysians brought Walton, Nelwin and Ben to a resort area call Ulu Pendook, some where 20mins drive from Seremban.

From Left to right: Walton, Ben & Nelwin

The looks of the rock were magnificent and it’s nothing Singapore terrain can ever offer! The riders jump on the chance and rode the whole evening on the first and the whole of Sunday, almost not wanting to go back to Singapore!

Walton, Nelwin and Ben meet the State minister. And Good news has that the government has been very supportive and they want to organize a BikeTrial competition with the help of BikeTrial Singapore. They are also talking to Malaysia delegate Syarul about starting a BikeTrial school and supporting them with 10 new beginner bikes to new riders in Malaysia as the sport is new and many cannot afford expensive bikes.

With the looks and the feel of the rocks, the resort and the lodging facilities, Walton proposed to BikeTrial Asia Union and BikeTrial International Union Mr. Hiroshi Hirano to hold the next Asia Pacific Championship in 2009 at this every location.