Do not mistake this for the brand popular among skateboarders. The Airwalk we are referring to here is the new bike shop which has just opened its doors on 1st October along Mei Ling Street. What set this shop distinctively from others is in the bikes they carry. Here, you can only find Singlespeedes and Fixies simply because this is a specialty shop setup in collaboration with Airwalk, Taiwan (the manufacturers of Airwalk bikes and they do only Singlespeeds and Fixies). This is their first specialty shop in the South East Asia region and fourth after Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei. The long term plan is to use Singapore as a base for market penetration into the region. Expect agressive product updates and development from them in the days ahead.

The Shop

Hidden in a corner, amidst a quiet residential estate, the shop is not easy to locate if you are not familiar with the area. The only direct bus service that serves the area is service 64. Nearest MRT station is Queenstown, which is about 10 minutes walk away.

During my visit, the place was teeming with people. They must have been attracted by the on-going sale held in conjunction with the shop opening. Stepping into the shop, you can instantly sense the simplicity in its setup, much like the products it is selling. A row of fanciful coloured bikes stands in the middle of the showroom, attracting your immediate attention the moment you step in. On the wall behind these bikes, an array of similarly fanciful components hangs on it. This is the first time ever stepped into a shop with such colourful layout. The bright and cheerful colours really help in raising one’s spirit.

Walk further into the shop and you will see three bikes standing in the limelight. According to Keith, these are the serious Fixies for the real enthusiasts.

Airwalk is really the shop for Fixie and Singlespeed lovers or someone looking to experience a different kind of ride. You can almost find anything for Fixie or Singlespeed here, at a reasonable price point. With the current sale, the base price for a full sized Singlespeeder starts from $488. Even the higher end bikes are selling at below $1,500 each. Pretty low barrier of entry into the sport I would say.

If you are not sure about getting one, Airwalk have a range of demo bikes for you to try on. They understand that it is important for customers to have a feel of the bikes before making their purchase decision. I personally had a short go on the Fixie and I must say it feels really odd. Habits cultivated form riding geared bike would need major re-adjustment. This is a huge paradigm shift in my opinion, but can be fun if you are looking for new experiences.

It is a pity that Airwalk does not carry any riding gear along with their bikes and components. It would be nice to be able to get everything under one roof. In addition, since their focus in mainly on Fixies, they offer limited mechanical and components support for other types of bikes.