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5 Auspicious Things You Can Put On Your Bike This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2018 is right around the corner – falling on 16th February, to be exact. While families are busting their fingers spring-cleaning the dusty and hard-to-reach sections of their homes, and turning out their clutter outwardly and inwardly (which includes, hopefully, making amends with long-lost friends), it’s time you do something to your bike, too.

There’s doing Feng Shui with cars. The bicycle, being a traditional metal horse made for galloping around on pedals, is probably not on the same league as their petrol-powered counterparts. Yet there’s nothing to stop you from taking a good old ride with your family during the Chinese New Year weekend – or yourself for that matter. Chinese New Year is all about being auspicious and lucky. Going along with that festive notion, you could spruce up your bike with auspicious artifacts – and invite the Fortune God onto your handlebars.

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5 Best Places to Visit for Christmassy Lightups in Singapore

The end of 2017 is near. Christmas holds somewhat different meanings for everyone, but largely, two aspects stays the same: reflection and celebration. On the former, I can’t help you much with that. But on the latter… whether it be a Christmas party replete with gifts-giving, or a simple gathering somewhere with loved ones and friends under a makeshift Christmas tree, the revelry of this ancient festival goes on as usual. For the younger ones and the young-at-hearts, this also means going around snapping Insta-worthy photos!

Here, Togoparts would like to introduce 5 places you can soak in the Christmassy mood at. Prior to the D-Day itself, you can arm yourself with a camera and snap some lovely photos with Christmas light-ups.

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5 Family-Friendly Cycling Trails to Bring Your Young Ones On

Our tiny little red dot island is the 3rd most populated country in the world besides Mocaco and Macau. Living in this man-made matrix of steel and concrete, and with a scarce land area of 719.1km2 supporting an (over)population of 5.6 million people, one would imagine that there are few natural trails in Singapore. While the island is mostly well-developed towns, and a large fraction of hand-planted fauna and flora, beautiful cycling trails do indeed exist. For instance, you can conquer Singapore on a bike via the Park Connector Networks (PCNs) alone. They’re also wide and awesome trails to spend time on with your family. If you’re ever short of places to cycle in, these 5 family-friendly routes are yours to consider:

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