Hup Leong Company @ Singapore Bike Show 2017

Established way back in 1968, Hup Leong started out as a small bicycle shop in Tiong Bahru, and over the years, they have managed to grow into a company that represents and distributes some of the most well known and popular cycling brands in the world today.

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CCK Cyclists #TOGO517 Team Challenge Experience

#TOGO517 was certainly a new experience to many a rider, but it also debuted tweaks and improvements on our end, too. For one, we became more focused on the team aspect of the challenge with the intent of catering to the growing number of cyclists signing up together as a team.This adds a new dimension that stresses on teamwork whilst giving groups the opportunity to bond over the challenge.

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Pearls of Wisdom for #TOGO817

I took part in the last event (#TOGO1050) and came in 333th, and now, I’m here.

#TOGO517 may have been over, but for these ambitious riders, the thirst for more success remains just as acute with #TOGO817 looming ever closer.

For some hopefuls, the #TOGO517 Jersey Collection Day left them star-struck, as elite finishers and achievement winners turned up to collect their sleek black finisher jerseys and certificates. Perhaps you’re wondering how you would ever be able to get on their level; perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in mediocrity, on the verge of throwing in the towel. “Just what does it take to scale greater heights?” you may wonder. These winners, having started from the bottom, know exactly how it feels and have generously shared their personal tips, in the spirit of the strong comradeship often demonstrated within Singapore’s many cycling communities.

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#TOGO517 Jersey Collection Day

A recap of what went down at #TOGO517’s Jersey Collection Booth.
Amidst the Saturday afternoon heat, battle-hardened warriors of the recently concluded #TOGO517 Challenge turned up in force to collect their race packs and jerseys, proof that distance is just a number to them as they completed yet another challenge.

Most cyclists are known for their pinpoint punctuality, and it showed in the long queue that had formed well before 1:30pm, when we officially opened. The buzz was further amplified by the size of the booth which was smaller than what we were used to, drawing many curious onlookers. A staff member from the restaurant opposite even asked how much a finisher’s jersey cost.
The #TOGO517 jersey collection was an excellent way for fellow participants to meet and talk about their experiences throughout the event, many of which were inspirational. Newer cyclists also had the chance to meet their #TOGO517 heroes: elite finishers and achievement winners. Regardless, there were plenty of mingling and photo-taking, setting the precursor for an exciting afternoon ahead.

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The TOGO517 Cycling Challenge

The long awaited TOGO-X challenges are back for 2017, better than ever.

Whether it’s the busy urban streets, or the dense tropical rainforest; to the vast lonely asphalt, or the winding path less travelled.

Whether you ride a svelte carbon machine, or a heavy duty downhill rig; a slick city foldie, or even an unloved pavement beater.

It does not matter.

The current men’s record holder of the UCI hour record, Sir Bradley Wiggins, described his attempt as “tortorous” and “the closest he will ever come to knowing what it is like to have a baby”. For TOGO517, we pay homage to the record by honouring the top cyclists attempting the challenge.

The Artist

The best Strava art

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Taipei Cycle 2017 – MERIDA

After four very successful seasons in the world tour, Merida has formed a new race team in the road scene called BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team.

2017 and 2018 will be a year of awesome changes and innovation for Merida bikes. Having a new team and venturing into the E-bike scene is what they have done for this year. You can tell that in the lineup this year, much effort has been put into the E-bike department.

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