Blog Entry # 1 – 2nd July 2015

Mood Barometer: Tension is slightly high today in the Togoparts office.

Our tech team is doing their very best to have our new Togoparts site up by this evening. The clock is ticking. Slowly but surely, we are reaching our deadline. These guys had been toiling real hard over the past few months to give our site a new feel. It’s going to be mobile friendly and fresh to look at.

Paul our Coding Wizard busily tapping away on his keyboard

These are some of the mugs that we’ve prepared as door gifts for our Official Launch Event tomorrow. Also a sneak peek at our new site. We will reserve some as a giveaways for our loyal members. Stay tuned for more info! Hint – This page is important.

Togoparts Mugs. Good for Kopi, Teh Tarik and Ribena too

Mugs, Congas, Djembe, Guitar and Bikes … What a perfect combination

This is Charlie Tan, King of Tech. I managed to get him to pose with the event passes. 5 seconds after this photo was taken, he got back to his coding.

Charlie Tan. King of Tech with his loot of lanyards

Serena is seen here doing her very best to get those RSVPs in at the last minute. About 100 guests from the bicycle industry will be attending our Launch tomorrow.

Serena with a splitting headache

This is Gerald our Senior Account Executive. Sneaking in a smile for a photo while he works on his presentation slides.

Gerald squeezing a smile

This is us working late into the night. Time do fly by when we are in the groove. What?!!! 10pm already? Shucks!

Elves at work. Anyone wants to buy us a beer? Call us at our hotline now!