We’ve changed some stuff and added others to make the user experience on Togoparts even better!

New ‘Directories’

Remember when you had to find a retailer or distributor for a particular brand? Wanted to know the address or contact number of a bike shop? You would have clicked on the ‘Bikeshops’ tab and looked for it there. Now we’ve upgraded that tab to ‘Directories’, and exactly as its name implies, its a full directory listing of bikeshops, services, massage/physiotherapy, gyms and more! Togoparts will now serve not only your cycling needs, but also your lifestyle and fitness needs too. Check out our new Directory now!


New filters are available for you to sort through the Directories. Select what you would like to see and bingo!

Review Bikeshop

You can now review your LBS (local bike shop) if you’ve had a good or (hopefully not) not so good experience with them. Share your experiences with your fellow cyclists and let’s make the cycling community a better place! Click on the “Review” button on the bikeshop’s page or on the bikeshops directory to post your review. The bikeshop will then be able to send an official reply to your review.


Togoparts now lists services. If you need a mechanic, find it in our Marketplace under General > Services. Amongst other services, things like physios and bike servicing/ washing will be listed there.