Volkswagen Singapore (VWS) treated owners to an exclusive session of sharing and learning through their Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop.


Ever seen a car showroom open this late?


The workshop is exclusively for VWS to engage customers in meaningful and relevant lifestyle ways, to add to the experience of car ownership much like Audi’s own MyAudiWorld. Of course, for those who didn’t already know, Audi is owned by Volkswagen group; no surprise then, that Volkswagen hosts these events too.

The event saw some of Singapore’s most notable entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts and experiences with their already popular start-ups.

These include the like of Material World’s Deborah Goh (Co-founder), AirBnB Asia office’s J J Chai as well as the Ariff, the founder of Chope.


Material World’s Deborah Goh


AirBnb’s J J Chai


These notable appearances created an interesting and insightful night for VWS customers, as well as a chance to learn more about entrepreneurship and creative start-up ideas. These home-grown business people have generated much buzz in the internet world, and their creations have garnered much support over the last few years, which put them in good stead to share their thoughts and experiences with VWS customers who most likely would have used some of their services.

How do we as Togoparts fit in, you may find yourself asking, like I did. After all, this is quite different from what we do as cyclists.

Well, here’s somewhere to go for a little back story on our beloved Togoparts website.

Just like all of them, we’re an online platform for cyclists by cyclists, and much in the same way these local entrepreneurs made their mark, our founder Evan Lee made his by creating this now-established cycling website for the Singapore community which has expanded beyond these shores even as we write.




Running an inventive and ingenious start up takes much time, effort and patience, not to mention lots of sweat, tears and possibly but hopefully not blood. It is therefore much appreciated, that a big name car brand like Volkswagen would give stage to the unsung heroes of our local online community that have made various aspects of life here much more fascinating and colourful. Think about how much you’ve benefitted from these inventions and our website (remember how you didn’t have a bike and didn’t have anyone to ask about it until you found our forums?) and begin to nod in agreement with me.

Our Tech Director possibly being tempted…


The A-Team… Well, T-Team!


If you fancy a car ownership experience that involves you in more ways than just driving alone, then check out Volkswagen cars here in Singapore. You’ll be sure to find much more exciting themed lifestyle event invites once you’ve stepped into this unique club of Volkswagen owners.