(Final Instalment) Bikeshops & Blog

Hello Fellow Bike Nuts,

This is Brian from Togoparts.com again with the final instalment of our introduction to what’s new with our restyled site.


Are you thinking of dropping by some bike shops later in the day but you’re unsure of their opening hours? Perhaps you do not know where they are exactly located or you would like to ask them a question before dropping by? Maybe you would like to know what brands are they carrying at the shop?

All of the answers lies within the Bike Shop page. Check these out.


Search for your bike shop


Check them out before you visit them


Know the brands that they carry


Find out where they are located on the map


Chat them up before you pop by



Blog – Get to know us … inside out

Curious about the folks working at Togoparts? This will be the place that we will share with you guys and gals all our inner most secrets. Well. Not really. But it will be close. Check out our blogs regularly and connect with us. Get to know what happens inside Togoparts. Learn about our everyday adventures when we step out of the office into the wild wild world of bikes.

The Togoparts Team in the office
L to R: Phoebe, Serena, Alvan, Kelvin, Charlie, Brian (Paul not in Photo)
Bottom L to R: Evan, Gerald


And ….

Thank you for bearing with me for the past few posts on What’s New and What’s Cool with our newly Restyled site. We do really hope that you like the changes and continue to give us your undying love and support.

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Brian Ong