(3rd Instalment) Rides & Reviews – It’s time to be a Vain Pot

Hello Fellow Bike Nuts,

This is Brian from Togoparts.com again with the 3rd instalment of our introduction to what’s new with our restyled site.


Rides – Post your fleet of bicycles for everyone to see

It’s raining cats and dogs and you can’t ride your bike now. What do you do? Visit Togoparts of course! Come over to the Rides section and post your bike for all to see. Describe your bike like how you would describe your first love. Tell us how much it weighs, what you’ve done with it and where you’ve been with it. Tell us how much you paid for it (Disclaimer: Only when you are sure your other half does not visit Togoparts and find out how much that bike of yours is really worth) and if the bike is still with you or if you had parted ways with it.

Post up to 20 bikes and 12 photos per bike. Got more than 20 bikes? It’s time you open a bicycle shop bro.

Post up your ride for everyone to see now!


Proudly show off your babies!

Reviews – Tell us about it!

Bought something wonderful recently and you want to tell the whole wide world how you feel about it? This is the place to do it. Just select the correct product category and the relevant bike/product that you wish to review. Put on your writing cap and start waxing lyrical about that item! Give the product the number of stars it deserves too. At the end of the day, you’re the Star.

Or …

Want to buy something but you are unsure about it? Asked all of your friends but they are clueless? Perhaps you have no friends at all? No worries! Check out our Review page and you will be able to decide if the product has gotten good reviews or not.

Post up a review now!


Good, bad, awesome, rubbish?

Achievement Unlocked – Earn the Ranks in Togoparts

Level up and muscle up!

Achievements for Forums

Post up to 10 replies/topics and you are a Freshie. Post up to 100 and you’re a Regular. Up to 500 and you are a Senior. Post up to 1000 and you are Old Salt. Post beyond a thousand and you will attain the most esteemed “Lor Sor” title.

Same goes for receiving Thumbs up from your fellow forum dwellers.

Receive up to 10 thumbs up and you are a 1 star general. Up to 40 and you’re a 2 star. Up to 150 Thumbs up and you’re a 3 star. 500 thumbs up and you’re a 4 star. Beyond 500 and you are bigger than a Hollywood star! 5 Stars for that! Achievements for Rides Section

The more bikes you post here, the richer you are. 1 bike and you’re a Loyal Biker. 2 to 5 bikes and you are a Bike Lover. 6 to 11 bikes and you’re a Filthy Rich Biker. Beyond 12 bikes and you’re a Bike Collector.


Achievements for Reviews Section

Good at doing reviews? Write up to 20 reviews and you are a Regular Reviewer. Up to 50 reviews and you’re a Senior. Up to a hundred and you are an Old Salt Reviewer. Beyond a 100 and you’re a Super Reviewer!

Same goes for receiving Thumbs up for the reviews that you’ve done.

Receive up to 10 thumbs up and you are a 1 star. Up to 40 and you’re a 2 star. Up to 150 Thumbs up and you’re a 3 star. 500 thumbs up and you’re a 4 star. Beyond 500 and you are a full-fledged 5 Star General with the entire army under your command.


And ….

Phew. That was a lot that we covered today. Will tell you more about our Bikeshops and Blog pages tomorrow.

Meanwhile, do check out our Facebook Page daily as there will be a total of 10 Togoparts mugs to be won over the next few days! You will just need to be one of the lucky 2 to answer our quiz of the day correctly to win that mug.


Brian Ong