Srewin Tay

Merida Speeder T3- D

Introduction The run-around bike – it comes in many variations. It’s not at all uncommon to see people commuting on cheap, non-specific bikes these days, functional but often slapped together with sub-par components that might cause more trouble than they are worth down the line. It is perhaps for this exact reason that OEM bicycles of dubious origins might not appeal to everyone. Many feature questionable components, unverifiable quality control, and poor or non-existent after-sales support, one of the most important aspects of the bicycle-owning experience. Spending a little more while still maintaining a conscious budget is a sure...

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mo:Rack by :klappen

Trolley racks are an indispensible part of every folding bike commuter’s arsenal. They save our arms from having to heave a foldie around (many of them weighing as much as a large bag of rice or more), allow us to ease our bikes through gantries and crowds, and perhaps most importantly, help disassociate our foldies from the recognisable image of a bicycle, allowing them to be rolled it into places where we would likely be yelled at for doing so. The mo:Rack from :klappen, is a lithe, minimalistic trolley rack that features a swing-out trolley wheelbase. Thanks to William...

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