Rotor Q-Rings Review

A Really Brief History of Rotor  Rotor the company had its roots in Spain at the Aeronautic Engineering School in Madrid. Their Rotor cranks revolutionized the bike industry with its bold and innovative engineering. Some might be sad to know that this review is on the Rotor Q-Rings instead of the cranks. However, both are design with the same purpose in mind – to get rid of the pedalling dead zone. What is wrong? When a person is cycling, he will experience a loss of power when the pedals reach the 6 or 12 o’clock position. At these positions,...

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Mass Ride #4 2002 Review

Date of Ride: 15th Dec 2002 Trail: Pulada, JB, Malaysia To sum up 2002, what could Togoparts do better, than to organize its maiden overseas trip? Though it isn?t that far from home, it?s definitely refreshing to try a trail in Malaysia. Under these conditions, Mass Ride 4 was held at the Pulada Trail, which primarily runs through a palm and jackfruit plantation. This also marks the first collaboration with Cyclemotion, with volunteers from them acting as bike leaders for the ride. The sheer bulk of the work started off in November, and on 17th November, Zishin posted the attendance thread,...

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