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Polygon Siskiu D8

Polygon Siskiu D8 NICK EE | 20th Dec 2016 | PRODUCT REVIEWS Local brands should never be doubted when it comes to quality, as we all know that the majority of bicycle frames are now proudly made right here in South East Asia, so a lower price tag now does not equate to a more inferior product, in fact I believe that manufacturing and quality control standards should actually be better now since production have increased for this region. Indonesian born brand Polygon has gained quite a good foothold  in the global cycling market with their very broad range...

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Colnago AC-R 2015

Colnago AC-R 2015 NICHOLLI EE | 7th Jul 2015 | PRODUCT REVIEWS Cycling is one sport or hobby that can really be addictive, especially for the those who yearn for the thrill of moving as fast as possible under your own strength and effort, the feeling is quite indescribable as your legs power you forward at over 30 km/h or much faster for some very fit and experienced cyclists, in addition to the wind travelling over your entire body, it’s gives you a sense of freedom that could probably only get superseded by skydiving or bungee jumping. Taking heed...

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The GURU Experience

The GURU Experience NICHOLLI EE | 15th Jun 2015 | PRODUCT REVIEWS There are plenty of bike fitting systems in the world, and these systems are designed to ultimately give a rider or potential customer a perfect fit based on the person’s body’s measurements, every type of fitting system has it’s own strong points as well as weak points, and whether the bike fitting system is able to fit a person perfectly to a ‘T’, is still very much dependent on the fitter rather than the actual fitting system itself. A computer program can recommend a ‘perfect’ fit configuration...

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RugGear Mariner RG100

RugGear Mariner RG100 NICHOLI EE | 27th Apr 2015 | PRODUCT REVIEWS RugGear Mariner RG100 After a quick read of the features and specifications that was listed on the back of the RG100 box, I found out that this phone is truly a serious piece of cellphone technology and definitely one that is “outdoor proof” as well, with a 2.0″ RugDisplay-Glass screen that is actually explosion proof and mated with a plastic shell body, made with Teijin’s copolymerisation of X-0992 PC material. This toughie is able to withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals and vibration as well as high barometric pressures....

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Polygon Helios F5 – The All Rounder with Performance!

Polygon Helios F5 – The All Rounder with Performance! NICHOLI EE | 24th Feb 2015 Polygon Helios F5 – The All Rounder with Performance! Founded in 1989 in our neighbouring island Indonesia, Polygon wanted their brand name to convey and represent the many sides of their characters, with an intention to be a top class and multi faceted bike manufacturer, but with their primary core values remaining the same.  Polygon has a global team of bike designers, engineers and testers situated in North America, Europe and of course in Asia too, ensuring that all their designs are new and...

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