Vetta RT88 Cordless Speedometer Review

Product Courtesy of TEF Bikers Junction Availibility: Now Vetta is a US-based company which manufactures speedometers, heart-rate monitors and other bike peripherals. Unlike Polar and the like, which are more renowned among runners and biking enthusiasts, Vetta only reached Singapore shores early this year. Our review team had the privilege of evaluating the RT88 Cordless speedometer. First impressions and setting up Despite the amount of items they had packed inside the box, the Vetta RT88?s package came in a rather compact package. The main unit measured 45x 49mm and uses a CR2032 battery which can be easily obtainable from...

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Orbea Lanza Frame Review

Product Courtesy of Teck Hock Hin Trading Availibility: Now Orbea is a company with has over a hundred years of history in making bicycles, and they are highly reputed with roadbikes rather than mountain bikes. I am sure everyone will go ?Oh! Orca!?, or ?Oh, that orange Euskatel team!? at the very mention of the name Orbea. Little do these people know that Orbea does have mountain bikes too! recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Orbea Lanza MTB frame. Hopefully this review of the Lanza will further enlighten riders as to the quality and attention to detail of...

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Fox Racing Shox ’05 Presentation

By now, all of us avid mountain bikers would have known about Fox Racing Shox through our riding buddies and peers alike. But, what are the new changes that Fox will bring for their 2005 products? The Fox Racing Shox 2005 workshop was presented by none other than our own Enoch, and the product lineup was a total revamp from the preceding years. Shocks-wise, Fox has produced the refined Pro-pedal, which complements its successful Float and AVA rear shocks range. The new Pro-pedal shock is now even more ride-sensitive, with a linear compression damping curve, eliminating any unnecessary setup...

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Catlike 37 Degrees Socks Review

MSRP: SDG25 Product Courtesy of Local Motion Sports Availibility: Now Socks, as we know by now, are one of the most indispensable items in our bike clothing department. Besides protecting your pinkies from the roughness of the insides of the shoes and the elements of the weather, they must be able to provide some form of cooling for the legs, as the legs do dissipate heat as well! This factor is important especially in tropical areas such as Singapore, where we do not receive any snow or cold weather. Catlike is a Spanish based company that has had much...

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Topeak Mini 9 Mini Tool Review

Product courtesy of Soon Watt & Co. Availibility: Now Topeak has been making fine bicycle accessories for almost 15 years, and has constantly been searching for ways to make their products better. From hand pumps, speedometers, repair stands and even multi-tools, they have all received rave reviews from road and mountain bikers alike. Our reviews team has recently laid our paws on their latest mini multi-tool, the Topeak Mini 9. The Tool-Up The Topeak Mini 9 mini tool consists of: – 7 hexagonal keys: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, with a clip-on 8mm socket attached to the 6m...

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