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Hokkaido, Japan Cycling Trip – Sorachi District (Part 2)

Hokkaido (Sorachi) Bike Trip – Part 2 Meant to complete the second part of my Hokkaido trip earlier, but got caught up with other stuffs. Finally found the time recently to complete everything. For those who have read part one (Hokkaido, Japan Cycing Trip), I wish you will also enjoy my second installment of the trip. At the minimal, I hope the both articles would give you a good idea of what the Sorachi prefecture has to offer and also some suggestions on the sights to visit. Map of Kuriyama Town (Source : Google Map) My first article stopped...

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Review : Marin Nail Trail 29er

Review : Marin Nail Trail 29er Marin always has a special place in my heart. When I got into mountain biking two decades back, it was one of the few brands I have always lusted after. I can vividly remember drooling over their Titanium FRS which was undoubtedly way beyond my budget back then. Then there was the Indian Fire Trail, one of the lightest aluminum bikes at that time, built with Easton Ultralite tubings and equipped with all the bells and whistles. I could go on and on. It was sad to observe a brilliant company like Marin...

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Taipei Bikeshow Feature – Guru Bikes

Feature Article – Guru Bikes Guru Bicycle is a boutique Canadian frame maker, based in Montreal, and has been building custom frames for the last 19 years. They produced a wide range of frames for various applications, utilizing carbon, titanium and steel as the base material. While their complete range covers triathlon, road, touring, cyclocross and even cross country, their main focus is in the area of Road and Triathlon, or at least that was the impression I got talking to Adamo Furian (one of Guru Bicycles representatives)  during the Taipei bicycle show. Adamo was proud to show us their...

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Taipei Bikeshow Feature – Tern Bicycles

Feature Article – Tern Bicycles Tern has been offering quality folding bikes since their inception 3 years back and has been doing continuous improvements across their product line ever since. We understand from Mr. Eric Mah, Project Manager Consumer Marketing at Tern, that Tern does not seek to revamp their products on an annual basis. He believes that by doing so, there will be a lot of wastage in resources that would not translate into benefits for the consumers. Instead, they seek to revamp about 33% of their product range annually. This approach allows Tern to focus their research...

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Feature Article – Biologic, Developing Innovative Products

Feature Article – Biologic, Developing Innovative Products Biologic is essentially the accessories arm to the Tern brand. It concentrates in ergonomically designed cycling accessories so as to increase rider’s enjoyment while reducing fatigue. Eric took time to show us some of the interesting products they have for 2014. What we really like is how Biologic has designed various products around Smartphone application and in providing the rider with practical information and functionalities that they could use. HardCase This case is designed for iPhone 5, making the phone suitable for outdoor use. The case is constructed from precision-machined aerospace-grade aluminum...

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