Ivan How

5 Shopping Centres You Can Ride To

5 Shopping Centres You Can Ride To IVAN HOW | 21st Jun 2015 | FEATURES The Malls Cyclists Love First of all, you might be interested to know that most malls in Singapore have no explicit rules against the parking of bicycles in basement carparks. Just find a good spot to lock your bike to, don’t obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic, and be careful when sharing space with larger vehicles. A bicycle and a 4000-pound car are not equals. That said, there are a couple of malls and shopping areas in Singapore that are especially pedal-friendly, either by design...

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5 Green Places to Ride With Your Kids

5 Green Places to Ride With Your Kids Ivan How | 8th Jun 2015 | FEATURES The Usual Places Why cycle on congested, smoke-filled roads when you can cycle on picturesque paths surrounded by the emerald foliage of our supposed garden city? Not only is it safer for your kids, it’s an escape from the exhausting hustle of city life. Who couldn’t use some of that once in a while? You could use some of these, for example: This is where many of us learnt to ride a bicycle for the first time. Oh the memories! If you need...

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