Hydrapak Air Scoop Team 2004 Review

Introduced in Singapore by Moss Equipment, Hydrapa’s hydration bags have been a serious contender to the well-established Camelbak™ and probably might best them in the near future. The Hydrapaks™ are now known for their quality and innovative features like the EasyFlo™ Bite Valve, EasyClean™ Reservoir, Trap Door™, Quickdraw™ Hose Fastener, and the Big Bore Hose (refer to the Tracker review). The race-ready Air Scoop Team, continues to exhibit their commitment in delivering high-quality products. The Air Scoop Team replaces the Air Scoop as the premium performance hydration pack targeted at racers. The reservoir capacity has been upped to accommodate...

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Scott Genius MC30 Scoop

On the 17th of December, the togoparts team was kindly invited to attend a product launch on the new Scott Genius range for dealers here. This was the first batch of Genius bikes in Singapore and we were eager to lay our eyes on it. A little background info on the frame: The Genius concept was designed by Peter Denk and his team to provide a new race platform for Thomas Frischknecht to race on. Thomas, being an all-time hardtail supporter, was so impressed with the performance of the Genius platform that he decided to use it for all...

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