Fibrax Disc Brake Pads Review

Product Courtesy of Klimax Imports SRP: SGD35 for sintered version SDG32 for HPC version Availibility: Now   The pads of a disc brake are a crucial component to the performance of the entire braking system. So much so that they can either make or break a disc brake system. Disc pad material’s friction coefficient forms an integral part of the equation which determines total braking power and initial bite. Its hardness determines its longevity and mud performance. Squealing noise can sometimes be due to brake pad compound as well. Generally disc brake pad materials can be distinguished into 3...

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Armour Disc Brakes review

Product Courtesy of Seng Chu Hin Trading SRP: SGD240 for Complete Set, both front and rear Availibility: Now The first production disc brakes appeared on mountain bikes in 1989 with the advent of the Mountain Cycles ProStop brakes. Although it performed superbly and was beautifully made, the lack of disc mounts on frames, the lack of extreme forms of riding, and its weight meant that such a concept would not take off until much later. The advantages of disc brakes, however, became more and more of a necessity as the alternate sport of downhill racing evolved. Cantilevers and V-brakes...

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DaBomb CR8 Review

Product courtesy of Seng Chu Hin Ever heard of Precision Billet? The American company responsible for CNC machined, anodized deraillers and the Bombshell brand of forks also set up Da Bomb bikes. The frames and various bike parts are designed in the US and manufacturing outsourced to Taiwan. This keeps the costs way low and affordable, yet allows at least decent, if not, high quality of construction. In fact, Da Bomb products are made for the serious rider and every frame or component design is tested and fine tuned by sponsored teams before they are introduced to the public....

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