KMC X9 Titanium Nitrate Coated Chain Review

Product courtesy of Eclipse Sports SRP: SDG 48 Availability: Now Apart from the wheel, frame and other contact points, the drivetrain plays a relatively important role contributing to the overall feel that a rider gets from the bike. In this case, we are looking at the KMC X9 Titanium Nitrate coated chain. Before we get into the meat of the review, let us go through some of the nitty gritty specifications of this chain. It has up to 116 links and comes with a Missing Link. With shorter pin lengths and higher-grade materials, it weights approximately 285grams. Because of the...

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M2Racer Power Module Review

Product Courtesy of Bike & Hike MSRP: SDG45 Availability: Now The M2 Racer Power Module (PM) is a lightweight (125grams), affordable saddle shifter created for performance and a seat-post adaptor that allows the user to shift the saddle forward or backward with a simple quick release mechanism. The lower, immobile section is attached the same way as how one would fit the saddle to the seat post with the rails and clamps. Basically, this product clamps onto virtually any standard seat post and saddle. The height of the PM is approximately 6.5cm, therefore bringing a significant lowering the seat...

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