Clark’s Brake and Shifter Cables Review

Product Courtesy of TEF Bikers Junction SRP: SGD$9 Availibility: Now Introduction Clark?s Cycle Systems, with its primary facility situated in Birmingham UK, offers a variety of OEM and aftermarket bicycle solutions such as cables, brake pads and disc brakes, in collaboration with companies such as DuPont, Carbone Lorraine, Casiraghi and Clim8. The Clark?s cable is borne out of the association with DuPont, with its Teflon coating which is exclusive to Clark?s products. A total of 37 different types of front, back and shift cable types are offered to cater to the various disciplines of riding. For mountain/hybrid bike, Clark?s...

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Fibrax Brake Pad Review

Product Courtesy of Klimax Imports Availibility: Now With over a century of experience in the development and production of cycle braking systems, Fibrax has accumulated a wealth of specialization in the design and manufacture of braking solutions, providing an expert service throughout every aspect of brake block and pad production. Very much like tires to traction issues, brake pads play a definitive role in determining braking performance. Big S users will no doubt be familiar with the disappointing performance and the rim eating characteristics of the XT and XTR pads. For V brake users, the aftermarket pad of choice...

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