Mixing it up: The Schwalbe Tire Review (NN, RR, FF)

Product Courtesy of Speedmatrix Introduction Mountain bikers have constantly been seeking a better mousetrap when it comes to tires. Different terrain and riding styles require different kinds of tires. However, due to cost constraints, not many riders are willing to try too many different tires in their search for their ‘perfect’ tire. Schwalbe has created a 3-tire system, allowing 3 different types of tire to be chosen for any kind of riding conditions. Using the Racing Ralph, Furious Fred and Nobby Nic, the rider can select the best combination of front and rear tire for the best performance of...

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Dahon Cadenza Ride Test Review

Product courtesy of Speedmatrix Pte. Ltd.   Introduction Dahon brand of folding bikes is no more of a stranger in Singapore. The togoparts review team, having previously reviewed the D7 and Speedmatrix, was again presented with the opportunity to put our legs over another horse in the Dahon stable: the Cadenza. Test Ride Our test ride came in 18” medium size, the default Obsidian paintwork gracing the 7005 series Al frame. A patented Lock jaw hinges on the top and down tube forms the basis of the bike’s folding mechanism and is clamped in place by 6mm allen screws....

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Dahon Speed D7 Review

Product Courtesy of SpeedmatrixAvailibility: NowSRP: SDG 679 Biking to work has always been a popular mode of transport for many in the workforce, but such journeys are usually restricted in distance, as provisions for proper shower facilities and bike storage at workplaces are far and few between. The former is necessary for fellow colleagues’ nasal welfare, and the latter to avoid the heartache of losing one’s beloved to some unscrupulous souls out there. A growing alternative in recent years is to integrate biking into our public transport system. Indeed, bringing bike and train (and even public buses) together has...

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Vetta HR 100 Review

Product Courtesy of TEF Bikers Junction Availibility: Now Vetta has been in the business of making cyclocomputers for a long time, its range of products vary from the basic C5 model to the Alpha-50 cyclocomp/HRM. While the C5 gathered many rave reviews for its reliability and sheer durability, the Alpha-50 has had its fair share of criticisms, ranging from buttons falling off to unreliable HRM readouts. Having taken into consideration its hits and misses, Vetta rolled out a whole new range of products for 2005, with the V100HR that we are featuring here, the most capable in the lineup....

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Diadora Team Racer Shoe Review

MSRP: SDG248 Product Courtesy of Local Motion Sports Availibility: Now Introduction Diadora was founded in 1948 by Marcello Daneili in the Veneto region of Italy. From being a workshop where the best mountain boots were handmade, Diadora has progressed with the times, introducing new manufacturing technologies to expand its range of products for a variety of sports, first into the world of tennis, soccer, athletics, and subsequently cycling, basketball, motoring and many other sporting fields in the 1980s. Many sporting greats have graced Diadora?s line of sporting footwear, among them Formula 1 racing legends Alain Prost and the late...

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