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#TOGO817: Stephen Moore, The Strava Artist Speaks

Mr Stephen Moore has a few titles strapped to his name.

First, he’s known to the cycling fraternity as the 8th Male Elite Finisher of the recent #TOGO817 km challenge, organized by Togoparts that ended on 9 Sept 2017. It took him 3 tries over previous challenges to achieve this record.

His second achievement is the “Artist” title in the same #TOGO817, and previously #TOGO517 for his most creative Strava art route mapped out on a GPS route planner.

Third achievement, he’s probably the one and only guy who’s able to claim bragging rights for cycling around the whole of Singapore – doing it for his Strava art.

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#TOGO817: An IT Programmer Turned 5th Elite Finisher with an Old Aleoca Bike

Rao, better known as Venkateshwara Rao Mannava, clinched the 5th place in the recently ended #TOGO817 km challenge. The Elite Finisher clocked more than 2517km to win a water bag worth $80-100. Hand held in a firm grip with Evan the prize-giver, he gave a huge smile as he received his certificate and gift.

The 38-year old IT programmer hails from India and has made Singapore his second home for 7 years. Quite impressive is the fact that he cycles to work every day and then heads to Chinatown for dinner – on an old Aleoca mountain bike purchased from NTUC Fairprice for around $60. Covering about 55-60km every day to work and back, he clocks 1400-1500km each month. Soon after, a friend who knew of his little feats invited Rao to join #TOGO817. The cyclist happily accepted.

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#TOGO817: The Story of the Most Well-Traveled Veteran

Jeremy Yeo came in at an unexpected time to clinch the “Most Well-Traveled” title in the recently-ended #TOGO817 km challenge. What was a pleasant surprise was the Vert foldable bike he’d won, courtesy of Bicycle SG. The 34-year old Regional IT Business Partner/Systems Administrator of IXIA Pte Ltd had combined his work trips with his cycling endeavors to claim the veteran biker-traveler’s title, even though he expressed that he’d won “because of circumstances rather than wanting”.

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#TOGO817: This Hardy Nose Cancer Survivor Wins 6th Elite Finisher and Tells His Story

A chemical engineer, John’s presence was strong and energetic, passing off my questions with the air of a man at ease with the world and himself. However, this was not always the case for the cycling veteran, who was diagnosed with nose cancer in 2005. On 19 Oct, 2005, John bled through his nose. The excessive amount of blood shocked him; shortly after the hospital checkup, he was diagnosed with stage one nose cancer.

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#TOGO817 Achievement Winners and Their Glory Moments

The #TOGO817 Finisher Jersey Collection Day saw our ‘817 km challenge winners collect their finisher jerseys and the grand prizes given to the top 10 in the male/female, and the various categories.  It was quite a rainy afternoon, but nothing stopped our winners and participants from mingling and shaking hands all around reveling in the quiet and noisy moments of victories and conquests of the roads and soul. Cycling is after all, a test of one’s wits and will as he pits himself against the hands of the elements; to effectively increase his mileage and beat his last record.

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