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Want A Clearer Vision for Your Bike Rides? Here’s the 2018 Rudy Project’s RX Product Line That You Need

New to the Rudy Project’s Rx product line are the Rydon Sport Readers, which are pre-assembled sunglasses with prescription lenses that have been seamlessly integrated into the bottom of the lenses which aids the wearer greatly when reading or using devices such as mobile phones, it is available in three types of lens colours and with three different correction powers.  Another newly launched product is the Vulcan sport utility frame that is also fully customizable, its super light frame with ergonomic features makes it extremely comfortable to wear throughout the entire day, especially when there are three sizes of removable optical quality which are included for the perfect fit for each wearer.  For the ultimate custom and unique look when the full rim interchangeable Grilamid clips are matched together with different coloured temple tips and emblems.



#Togo1117 Achievements: A Major Weight Overhaul

#Togo1117 drew to an end on the 5th Nov. Yet it was not the end but a new beginning for several participants. Some had achieved the 1117km they set out to do; others had gone beyond to achieve Elite Finisher by completing 2517km. Whatever the achievement, each has had his or her fair share of experience, significant moment and memories of the Challenge. This feeling of contentment was certainly not lost on two of our participants, one of whom had achieved 3rd placing as an Elite Finisher. Their most major attainment is losing a considerable amount of weight over the span of #Togo517, 817 and 1117. Let us hear their respective stories....