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Setting the Optimal Saddle Height for Your Cycling Needs

Many people ride an ill-fitted bicycle. That is to say, they ride a little hunched, too strained or short at the knees and pedals, or are not pedaling at the optimal revolution per minute (rpm) they should be because a little too much time is spent pulling up your legs from the updraft as the crank goes back up the cycle.

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Go Compact & Sleek with Urban Bike’s PFA-2 Floor Stand Pump

Urban Bike's Floor Stand Pump PFA-2 comes in a silver aluminum stem with a dark wood base polished to a high degree. Fitting 12″ -29″ bicycles, it combines both pump and display stand functions and is fitted with triple valves - allowing for Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valves in one kit. Its wooden handle is smoothly carved and gives you a comfortable grip as you fill up your tyres with the PFA-2's 260 psi pump.



Cycling The Northern Explorer Loop for Solitude & Sunset

If you're a casual rider, the Park Connector Networks can provide you with a bit of challenge and fun riding long-distance.  You can also bask in much-needed nature scenery, sound of birdsong and generally indulge in the lush green rather missing from our hectic lives.