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Brompton M Type 2008

Brompton  M Type  2008

2 Reviews

Brand: Brompton
Category: Folding Bikes

Description: The fold | A key feature of the Brompton is the compactness and practicality of its fold. With a little | practice, this is achieved without any difficulty in 10 - 20 seconds. The dimensions of the | folded bike are: 565mm high x 545mm long x 270mm wide (22.2" x 21.5" x 10.6"). | | When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package | little larger than its wheels. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that | the bike will unfold - reassuring when running for a train or handing it to a cloakroom | attendant! | | There are no projections or loose parts with the folded package and, using the frame or | saddle as a handle, it carries like a small suitcase, lightweight and easy to manage. The | fold is designed to keep vulnerable parts, like lights and cable-runs, out of harm's way | and, by folding them in, to keep the greasy chain and gears away from clothing and | luggage. Small rollers allow the bike to be pushed into inaccessible corners. | | M Type | | The distinctive U-shape of the M Type's handlebars has been used on the Brompton since the | outset: it gives a fairly upright ride with excellent control. The grip height is 1015mm, which | gives a fairly upright ride with excellent control, and there is scope for a little fore/aft | adjustment. The M Type is the all-rounder in our range and remains the most popular | Brompton, as much at home in the city as on a country lane, and with plenty of room for | luggage at the front. | | The key M Type is the M3L (also available as M3L-X) - it is the classic Brompton, featuring | Sturmey Archer's reliable 3-speed hub and all the fundamental advantages of the Brompton | design. | | For those looking for weight savings, each of these key models can be built to a superlight | specification (with the suffix "-X"), with front forks, rear frame, seat pillar and other smaller | features made out of titanium.

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Senior Reviewer

" very compact in fold "

Overall Rating
Reviewed on: 21st Feb 2017 from Singapore

The Review
basically is a bike for point a to b with very compact fold that can bring on trains etc etc
but it is very heavy weighting near to 13kg.
and it is made of steel that chances to rust if you do not take care of it.

Duration of product used
Not Sure
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Freshie Reviewer

" Bicycle that have a Great Fold but falls short of the components "

Overall Rating
Reviewed on: 26th Dec 2011 from Singapore

The Review
Good responsive commuting bicycle if you are a follower of "British handmade bicycle". Otherwise the high pricing and the non standard parts are the bicycle biggest flaws.

1) The bicycle is made steel thus making the ride stiff, non of the twitching feeling from the folding joint section.
2) Responsive and easy on the back as most of the time would be siting in an upright position.
3) The folded bicycle is small enough and doesn't have any protruding parts, which makes it convenient enough to bring to most places.

1) Most of the parts are non-standard parts thus finding replacement or modification to better parts are a hassle
2) Expensive bicycle; the parts are not top of the line as compared to other folding bicycles
3) Heavy, thus only advisable to roll it along rather than hand carrying it.

Duration of product used
2 years

Bike Setup
Brompton M6R Change the following stock items: 1) handle grip change to Ergon GP1 (from C2C) 2) saddle change to Brooks B17 Copper Rail (from C2C) 3) front rim change to a unbranded made in jap rim 4) 44T crank change to 54 crank 5) roller wheels on rack change to Easy Wheel (from Cyclopedia) Have the intention to change the "twitchy" brake levers.

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